GP Factory Replica Nomos Tangomat 601 DUW 5001 Movement White Dial

Replica Nomos 601

Nomos is a famous watch brand from Germany, it is very simple and elegant, the watch is full of German style. As a new rising watch brand, Nomos is accepted by more and more people, especially the young. Nomos is the best representative of Bauhaus style, which is highly welcomed in watch industry. Before, OS factory made some Nomos replica watches but their quality is just so so, besides, most of them have been out of stock now. Throughout 2018, no big factories manufactured replicas of Nomos, so a lot of watch fans who are interested in Nomos can not get it. Now, just at the beginning of December, GP factory published this replica Nomos Tangomat 601 that exactly meets the need of most Nomos watch fans. Let’s see what a big surprise GP made for us.

GP Replica Nomos Tangomat

GP Replica Nomos Watch

Nomos Tangomat White Dial

The watch master showed me this replica watch when I was in the watch market this morning. The whole watch is an 1:1 replica of original, whether the case, bezel, dial or bracelet, they are all imitated according to a genuine watch which the factory bought in a boutique.

The case is made of solid 316L stainless steel, it is 38.5mm in diameter. Check the middle case on the replica, it has the same thickness as that of genuine watch, due to different movement, the case back of replica is a little thicker than genuine, but it is hard for you to find this difference when wearing the watch. The flutes design on crown is very delicate. All lugs have angled lines and an irregular geometric shape, each face is polished.

Nomos Tangomat Crown

Nomos 601 replica from GP is equipped with a DUW 5001 movement, which is based on a Sea-Gull 2824 automatic movement. The balance wheel is set in a right position, the decoration on movement plates is completely the same as genuine DUW 5001. The polishing on movement is perfect, it even has a better visual effect than genuine.

Nomos Movement Rotor

Like genuine, the replica Nomos uses horse hip skin leather to make the watch band, the size is 20mm*18mm. The “NOMOS” engraving on pin buckle has the same font and thickness as genuine watch.

This watch from GP factory is currently the best Nomos replica in our market. Top quality finish and stable movement make this replica pursued by a lot of people all over the world, especially Germany. There are lots of readers on my blog who are from Germany has asked me about this replica watch, the quality is not a problem, what they are really worrying about is shipping to Germany. While this is also not a problem for us, we have two solutions, first, it is also the best solution, shipping to Germany through UK, which is the safest way but needs extra shipping fee. The second way is also very secure, it is our secert shipping channel.

So, friends from Germany can receive this Nomos replica watch safely from me.

Nomos 601 Wrist Shot

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