Ultimate Edition Replica IWC Mark XVIII Watch with Swiss ETA 2892 Movement Black Leather Strap

Replica IWC Mark XVIII

IWC is one of my most favorite brands which I will choose to wear as a dress watch. Its Pilot, Portofino and Portuguese are very popular, they are also replicated by a lot of watch manufacturers in our market. Among all Pilot’s watches from IWC, the best-selling ones are Big Pilot Prince and Mark series models. There are several generations of IWC Mark from XVI to XVIII, today, there are still a lot of watch fans who love IWC Mark XVI. Mark XVIII was just published by IWC, two years ago, right? This watch has inherited the classic design of Mark XVI, but it has not reached the same sales height. I do not know any new features used on Mark XVIII. In the past, MK factory made a replica IWC Mark XVI and it became their best seller, afterwards, MK released several new improved editions of Mark XVI, now the ultimate edition of IWC Mark XVI replica has been out of stock, you can not buy it online, but if you have a secret contact with the boss of MK factory, you can get one. About this IWC Mark XVIII replica I am going to review, it is not made by MK or V6, I got this watch from a store in the morning, they did not tell me the factory which the watch came from, but it uses a genuine Swiss ETA 2892 movement.

Replica IWC Mark XVIII Steel Watch
Replica IWC Mark 18
Replica IWC Mark XVIII Black Dial

The factory bought a genuine IWC Mark XVIII watch, all watch parts are disassembled and then perfectly cloned, this is the only replica watch with all components that could be interchanged with original. The case is made of 316L stainless steel and measured to be 40mm in diameter, case thickness is only 11mm. The case is fully brushed with smoothly polished bezel, touch the case corner and edge, you will not get any scratch feeling because the case has a polished edge. There are six notches on the case back for you to open the back with a special tool. An airplance is on the center of the back, it is the classic logo of IWC Pilot. The outer edge of the case back is polished, which forms a high contrast with the brushed center.

Replica IWC Mark Crown
Replica IWC Mark Brushed Case

The replica watch has a black dial. Mark series has the simplest and most elegant dial among all Pilot’s watches. Like other Pilot’s Mark watches, this Mark XVIII’s dial has a very simple design, but the dial readability is good. A lot of Pilot’s watches from other Swiss brands also refer to the dial design of IWC Mark series because it is so classic. White hour markers on black dial increase the readability of whole dial, the square markers at 3, 6, 9 and triangle mark at 12 are applied with white luminescence, so, four hour markers on the dial will emit a strong green light, so are hour and minute hand.

Replica IWC Mark XVIII Case Back

The band is made of genuine calf skin leather, it is black on the outside, while the back side that touches your skin is in orange color. The whole leather band has black hand stitching. The pin buckle is perfectly molded, clean appearance with obvious edges and corners. The buckle has a brushed surface on the front, while its edge is smoothly polished. The lettering “IWC” is deeply engraved on the buckle. The back of the steel buckle also has correct engravings.

Replica IWC Mark XVIII Buckle
Replica IWC Mark XVIII Buckle Back

Movement: Swiss ETA 2892 Automatic, 21 Jewels, 28800BPH, The Only One IWC Mark XVIII Replica with Genuine Movement in The Market, Not Asia Clone
Case: 40mm*11mm, The Same Case Size and Construction as Genuine Watch, Brushed Finish
Crystal: Sapphire
Dial: Black with White Arabic Numeral Hour Markers, Date Window at 3 Has Black Frame, White Date Font in Black Background
Bracelet: Genuine Black Leather Strap with Pin Buckle
Water Resistant: 50m

IWC Mark XVIII Black Leather Strap
Replica IWC Mark XVIII Wrist Shot

JH Factory Replica Rolex Daytona 116508 Full Yellow Gold Watch with Clone 4130 Movement

JH Replica Rolex Daytona Gold

Daytona is one of the best-selling Rolex watches, it is a great chronograph watch for both men and women. Compared with chronograph models of other Swiss brands, Daytona looks more luxury because the usage of precious metals such as platinum, yellow gold and rose gold. However, due to those luxury elements of gold and diamond on the watch, I do not think Daytona is a good watch for me to wear when doing sports activities, I like these sports watches in light weight and made of advanced material. In our market, there are a lot of factories that have made replica Rolex Daytona watches, BP is the oldest manufacturer that makes moderate quality replica Rolex, they have a large collection of replicas that almost cover each Rolex model. In 2018, there is another factory named AR, they made two big improvement in replicating Rolex, first, the usage of 904L stainless steel, second, the movement is updated in replica Rolex. These two big actions make replica Rolex watches coming from Chinese watch market closer to genuine models. Now this Daytona replica watch you see below is a full gold model, its reference number is 116508 and the watch is equipped with an Asia clone 4130 movement. By the way, the replica is made by JH factory, which has been very famous for making the best Omega Speedmaster replica watches with 9300 movement. JH has another name, that is OM.

Replica Rolex Daytona 116508 Gold Case
Replica Rolex Daytona 116508 Gold Watch
Replica Rolex Daytona Black Dial

116508 Daytona has a full yellow gold outlook, it looks more luxury than stainless steel models. However, I love white stainless steel or two tone Daytona watches more, I think the full gold Daytona is more suitable for the elder who have a rich life experience. About this yellow gold Daytona, it is made of 316L stainless steel, then has a thick coating of yellow gold, the gold coating plated on the case will not easily fade, the factory told me that the gold coating can last about three years. The case is brushed, except polished lugs and case sides. Two chronograph buttons on the right side are functional once you press them down after being unscrewed.

ROLEX Golden Printings
Rolex Daytona 12-Hour Chronograph
Rolex Daytona 30-Minute Chronograph
Rolex Daytona Small Seconds Subdial
Rolex Laser Crown Logo

The dial is black, please check the last photo in this article, 116508 also has other dial color options. Well, I think the black color on the dial matches the yellow gold tone very well. Black dial looks very elegant. These dial printings and three subdials are all in gold color. There are still some people worrying that the three subdials are not working, but I am very responsible to tell you that this replica has a fully working chronograph function, so the 30-minute chronograph and 12-hour chronograph are the same as genuine, once you press the 2:00 button down, the central golden second-chronograph hand will start to move. The small second hand positioned at 6:00 subdial runs very smooth. Hour markers, hour hand and minute hand are applied with white luminous material.

Rolex Daytona Full Yellow Gold
Rolex Daytona Golden Case
Rolex Daytona Golden Crown Buttons
Rolex Daytona Case Close-up

Please check the crystal carefully and you will find an important feature that could only be found on genuine Rolex, that is the tiny laser crown logo. Yes, you have seen it on the two photos I posted here. I do not know how the factory did this, but it is indeed a big improvement.

Rolex Daytona Golden Case Back
Rolex Daytona Golden Case Back 2
Rolex Daytona Lug Engraving
Rolex Daytona Lug Engraving 2
Rolex Daytona Lug Engraving 3
Rolex Daytona Lug Engraving 4

On the back side of each lug, there is an unique symbol being engraved, I do not know the meaning of these engravings, can somebody tell me by leaving comments here. I do not want to talk too much about the movement, as I mentioned above, it is an Asia clone 4130, th quality may be the same as Noob Super Clone 4130 equipped in Daytona 116520. The bracelet is also in full yellow gold, the factory needs to spend a lot of time and effort to do the gold plating on case and bracelet, and polishing them, so this is the main reason why this gold Daytona replica is sold at a high price. As you can see below, there are ten models JH factory published this time, each is in full yellow gold and has a different dial color. So, please tell me which model you love most.

Rolex Daytona Golden Bracelet
Rolex Daytona Golden Clasp
Rolex Daytona Golden Clasp 2
Rolex Daytona 116508 Gold Wrist Shot
Rolex Daytona 116508 Gold Wrist Shot 2
Rolex Daytona Full Yellow Gold Watch Collection

AR Factory Replica Rolex Explorer I 214270 with 904L Stainless Steel Case Super Clone 3132 Movement

ARF Replica Rolex Explorer I

AR factory is the biggest winner in 2018, compared with other factories like Noob and BP, AR published more high quality Rolex replica watches that use 904L stainless steel, now, except Daytona, AR has a better quality collection of replica Rolex than Noob, I think they will surpass Noob to become the number one manufacturer of replica Rolex in our market. In my opinion, the boss of AR factory is more willing to spend money and effort in developing new material and advanced watch-making technology. Now the material used in AR replica watches is better than that of Noob, while their case finish is always the best, so in the coming 2019, more clients from home and abroad will buy watches from AR factory, other than Noob. This replica Rolex Explorer I published by AR factory soon became the best seller in our market, it uses the best genuine Rolex material and high-tech more reliable movement, the replica now sells very well, with simple and elegant appearance, this watch becomes an usual choice for most men who need a dress watch.

Replica Rolex Explorer I 214270
Replica Rolex Explorer I Steel Watch
Replica Rolex Explorer I 214270 Black Dial

The case is only 39mm in diameter, a very suitable size for most mens wrist. The case is made of 904L stainless steel, it is fully brushed, except the smooth round bezel that is polished. The crown on the right side of the case has a satin-finished face with a three-dimensional Rolex Crown logo. The middle case, bezel and case back fit each other perfectly, they have an 1:1 replicated construction, look at the case from side, there is no gap between the case and bezel, with a screwed-down case back, the whole case will have a good water resistance.

Replica Rolex Explorer I Crown
Replica Rolex Explorer I Case

The dial is in black, it has a classic design of the vintage Explorer I, all elements on black dial have a reasonable layout, the Benz-style hour hand is even an iconic feature of Rolex watch. Big 3-6-9 hour marker is a design you can only see on some vintage Rolex Explorer I, now it is represented in this 214270. Inner bezel has correct Rolex Rehaut. Hour markers including 3-6-9 and hands have silver edge, they are fully filled with white luminescence so that lume light will be strong and long-lasting.

Replica Rolex Explorer I Case Back

The bracelet is made of solid 904L stainless steel, it is brushed. The clasp is polished, the engravings on clasp have a correct depth. Two ends of the bracelet are integrated into the case perfectly, the SEL of the bracelet will not broke, do not worry, it is not like other cheap replicas. Each link of the bracelet is brushed by AR watch master, carefully and evenly.

Replica Rolex Explorer I Bracelet
Replica Rolex Explorer I Clasp
Explorer I Clasp Engravings

The movement is a Super Clone 3132, which is based on a Chinese automatic movement that is bought from Shanghai Watch Factory. You know, Shanghai Watch is an old brand and it is very popular in China, the quality is also good. If you open the case back by chance, you will see very beautiful sels on movement plates, the 3135 stamp is also in striking golden color. This Super Clone 3132 is more reliable and stable than Asia Clone 3132 made by other factories, it is the most accurate clone 3132 with lowest repairing rate.

Replica Rolex Explorer I Wrist Shot

Noob Factory Best Edition Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Two Tone Ceramic Bezel with Clone 3186

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Two Tone

GMT-Master II is a very popular model of Rolex, I introduced the hottest GMT-Master II 116710BLNR last week and received a lot inquiry emails. Today, I want to introduce another Rolex GMT-Master II with good looking, it is a two tone watch, made by the same factory Noob like 116710BLNR. This two tone Rolex replica watch has a much higher quality than other replicas, because it uses real 18K wrapped gold, and the gold coating is very thick, never fade. Full stainless steel Rolex models are always the best sellers, while some golden ones look more luxury. Not like other replicas such as black Submariner that has several editions, this GMT-Master II replica is the ultimate edition, the best version, Noob never published any higher editions of this replica watch. So, do not trust those V6, V7, V8, V9 editions online. According to their previous experience in making perfect Rolex replicas, Noob published this ultimate replica GMT-Master II.

Noob Best Replica Rolex GMT-Master II
Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Gold

The case is made of 316L stainless steel, but has a thick yellow gold coating that is measured to be in 15 mils. Noob did not use 904L stainless steel on this GMT-Master replica watch and 116710BLNR, I think they will upgrade their case material to 904L stainless steel in 2019, let’s expect. Otherwise, they will not be able to compete with AR factory. Before on golden replica watches, the gold coating is about 5 mils, this time, Noob uses up to 15 mils gold coating on this replica watch, this is a big improvement. However, the price is also a bit expensive. The bezel uses a black ceramic insert that has yellow gold 24-hour markers engraved. The bezel has a crisp clicking sound when you rotating, you will get a very real feeling.

GMT-Master II ROLEX Rehaut
GMT-Master II Hand Stack

The dial is in elegant black and does not have too much to talk. The only element that attracts my eyes is its green GMT hand, which has a big triangle mark. Noob uses advanced printing technology on the dial, so each letter of these dial printings has the same font thickness as genuine. Green words “GMT-MASTER II” also echoes with the green stem of GMT hand. Hour markers and hands have yellow gold edge, they are applied with white luminescence in the center, the dial will have a strong blue lume effect in the dark. Now, every replica Rolex watch coming from Noob has a high-imitation dial, do not doubt the hand stack any more, it is correct. The GMT hand is set in its own right position on the dial.

Replica Rolex GMT 2 Right Case
Replica Rolex GMT 2 Left Case
GMT-Master II Golden Rolex Crown
GMT-Master II Golden Bezel Tooth

About the movement, it uses an Asia clone 3186, the movement is based on a Chinese automatic movement and has functions of hours, minutes, seconds, date and gmt. 3135 movement has been updated for several times, now we call it Super Clone 3135. However, about this 3186 movement, Noob has not improved it and we only call it Asia clone 3186, hope Noob will use a better basic movement to make a Super Clone 3186 in the coming 2019.

GMT-Master II Rolex SEL

Watch Specification:

Movement: Asia Clone 3186 Automatic, Big Red Wheel, Golden Rolex Seals on Movement Plates. Better Winding Experience Like Genuine Rolex Cal. 3186. Full Functions Including GMT, Correct Hand Stack
Case: 40mm*13mm, Solid 316L Stainless Steel, 18K Yellow Gold About 15 Mils, Case Back Inside Has Correct Engravings
Bezel: Black Ceramic Insert with 18K Yellow Gold Markers
Crystal: Sapphire with Tiny Laser Crown Logo at 6 o’clock in Crystal
Dial: Black with Blue Superlume on Round Dot Markers and Hands, Correct Rolex Rehaut
Bracelet: Solid 316L Stainless Steel with 18K Wrapped Gold Coating, Rolesor Flip Lock Clasp, Correct Polished Clasp Engravings
Water Resistant: 50m

GMT-Master II Case Back Tooth
Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Steel Case Back
Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Two Tone Clasp
Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Two Tone Yellow Gold

V6 Factory Replica Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Watch with Black Ceramic Bezel HUB4100 Movement

Replica Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold

In these days, I have introduced a lot of Rolex watches, actually not very enough. Rolex is the best-selling brand whether in genuine watch market or replica watch field, but that does not mean it is the most favorite brand for some specific groups. Now, many young people like various sports activities, probably they need a watch to wear to show their personality when doing these sports. You can not wear a Rolex when playing basketball or football with your teammates. So, a watch that looks more sporty is needed. Hublot is exactly such a brand that has been very famous in sports watch field. Hublot is also a pioneering Swiss brand that uses advanced watch-making materials on their watches. Although with a big case, Hublot does not feel that heavy like Audemars Piguet. Today, I want to show a very luxury Hublot Big Bang replica watch, which is made by famous V6 factory and is in rose gold color. The replica watch was pursued by a lot of my clients, together with the stainless steel model, the two watches are the best-selling replica Hublot in our market.

Replica Hublot Rose Gold Case
Replica Hublot Big Bang Ceramic Bezel
Replica Hublot Carbon Fiber Dial

The case perfectly shows the fusion technology of Hublot. It uses various materials, which include stainless steel, 18K rose gold and rubber. The case diameter is measured to be in 44mm. The case has a thick coating of 18K rose gold, it has the same construction as genuine Hublot case, those H-shaped screws on case and bezel are in stainless steel, which are in a high contrast with the rose gold background. On the right side of the case, two chronograph buttons and crown are in rose gold and use black rubber on top. The ceramic bezel has black rubber surrounding. Case back is see-through sapphire crystal, the rose gold edge has engravings and stainless steel screws.

Hublot Logo Geneve
Hublot Small Seconds Hand
Hublot 30-Minute Chronograph Counter

The dial is black, bar-shaped and Arabic numeral hour markers are in rose gold color, they are three-dimensional and raised from the dial. This Hublot replica watch has a fully working chronograph function, so you can see that there are three subdials, which work the same as genuine. Do not doubt, the chronograph is real. Small second hand is positioned on the subdial at 9 o’clock, 30-minute chronograph counter is at 3 o’clock, 12-hour chronograph counter is at 6 o’clock, all hands are in rose gold too, except the big red second-chronograph hand in the center. A small window at 4:30 is displaying current date, it has black date font in white background. The dial design is very classic, although full of various elements, its readability is not affected.

Hublot Case Side
Hublot Rubber and Rose Gold
Hublot Left Case

Most Hublot replica watches like to use rubber band, except some Classic Fusion that features leather strap. The rubber strap on Hubot seems to be much better than that on other watches, it feels very soft but durable, the rubber band is made of natural Malaysian rubber material and does not have bad smell. Most importantly, this type of rubber band is anti-dust.

Replica Hublot Crystal Back

Now, the best Hublot replica watches that look closest to genuines belong to this Big Bang Rose Gold watch and the Classic Fusion I introduced before. Except these two models, I will not buy other Hublot replica watches. Too many factories are now making replica Hublot, V6 makes the best Big Bang, while JJ factory makes the best Classic Fusion, if you find a Hublot replica watch and do not know its quality, you can ask me. There are also many watch dealers online, do not trust those so-called “Trusted Dealers” in some forums, sometimes they are not best choices for you.

Replica Hublot Auto Rotor
Replica HUB4100
HUB4100 on Plate

Here are specification of the watch:

Movement: Super Clone HUB4100, Based on an Asia Valjoux 7750 Chronograph, Fully Functional Chronograph, Decorated Movement Plates and Rutor, Correct Engravings as Per Genuine HUB4100
Case: 44mm*16mm, Solid 316L Stainless Steel, 18K Rose Gold Plated, 1:1 Case Profile
Bezel: Black Ceramic
Crystal: Sapphire with Double AR Coating
Dial: Black with Rose Gold Hour Markers
Band: Black Rubber Strap
Water Resistant: 50m

Hublot Rose Gold Clasp
Hublot Rose Gold Watch Wrist Shot
Hublot Rose Gold Watch Wrist Shot 2
Hublot Big Bang Watch Collection

Noob V8 Edition Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNR Black/Blue Ceramic Bezel

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 116710 BLNR

In 2018 Basel, Rolex published several GMT-Master II models, now these models have been replicated by various factories in our watch market. New GMT-Master II watches are loved by a lot of people, but they still can not compare with the 116710BLNR that was released several years ago by Rolex. 116710BLNR is a very classic GMT-Master II, it is also very popular in replica watch field. The replica Rolex GMT 116710 is one of the best-selling replica watches, I think it is among the top ten best sellers list. Today, I want to give a review of this Rolex GMT-Master II replica watch because Noob factory just made an upgraded version, yes, it is exactly the V8 edition we are talking about, the best one currently.

Noob V8 Rolex GMT-Master II 116710 BLNR
Noob V8 Rolex GMT 116710 Black Dial

The case has a diameter of 40mm, it is made of 316L stainless steel and is brushed. The case itself does not have too many bright spots to talk, it is not made of 904L stainless steel like Noob 116610LN, I think this will become a big improvement Noob will make on this watch in next year. Facing the strong competition with AR factory, Noob must do some things next year to keep their replica Rolex market share. The case edge is smoothly polished, you will feel comfortable when wearing it on hand. On the stainless steel case, the bezel is the biggest highlight, its black and blue ceramic bezel attract my eyes immediately, the bezel insert uses real ceramic material, while the 24-hour markers on bezel have correct engraving depth and are in platinum tone.

Noob V8 Rolex GMT 116710 Case
Noob V8 Rolex GMT 116710 Crown

The dial is black. The GMT hand has a stem in blue color, it has a big triangle mark in silver with white luminous material filled in the center. The blue GMT hand exactly echoes with the half blue ceramic bezel insert. You guys must not concern the font thickness of dial printings and lume, I tell you, these details have been made to be so perfect, no flaws. Now, what you really should care about is the hand stack, the sequence of these hands. Whether the GMT hand should be on top of hour hand or on bottom of it? I do not know, because I have not seen a genuine 116710, and this replica gives a real feeling, I do not care this subtle detail. If you guys really care about some tiny defective details, I suggest you buy a genuine watch.

Noob V8 Rolex GMT 116710 Case Back

About the movement, Noob re-used Asia ETA 2836 automatic movement on this new V8 edition. While on previous V7, Noob used a clone 3186 movement, although clone 3186 looks very close to genuine Rolex 3186 and has a better winding feel, it does not have that high stability and accuracy like Asia ETA 2836.

Noob V8 Rolex GMT 116710 Clasp

The bracelet is made of solid 316L stainless steel, it has perfect SEL, clasp and smooth screws, this is the best Rolex bracelet I have ever seen. The stainless steel bracelet has a good finish, the middle links are brightly polished, while two links at both sides are brushed, two different polishing methods used on the bracelet form an obvious contrast.

Noob V8 Rolex GMT-Master 116710 Wrist Shot

The latest V8 replica Rolex GMT Master II 116710 BLNR has already been a good watch, well, I think Noob will make an upgradation soon, maybe it will be one in the beginning of 2019. Then, 116710 BLNR will raise a sales storm again.

VS Factory V2 Edition Replica Panerai PAM 616 Luminor Submersible Carbotech with Clone P.9000 Movement

Replica Panerai PAM 616

Certainly, in automatic watch field, Rolex Submariner is the most popular diving watch, I agree with this point of view, its superior stability and accuracy have won a lot of praise from amateur and professional divers. Rolex and Panerai are two of my most favorite watch brands, while they differentiate from each other greatly. Rolex has a wide product line that covers production of dress watches and a lot of functional watches like diver’s watches, GMT and explorer watches. While as a military watch specially made for the Italy Navy, Panerai is born to be a diving watch, whether its Luminor, Radiomir or Luminor Submersible, these Panerai models all integrate the design elements of diver’s watches. Besides, compared with Submariner, Panerai uses more advanced materials in the making of Luminor Submersible, in recent years, they added bronze and carbon two new materials in the design of Luminor Submersible. I think this is also the reason why more and more watch fans choose to wear Panerai.

VS Factory Replica Panerai PAM 616
VS Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible CarboTech
PAM 616 Black Dial

Today, I want to give a review on a replica Panerai Luminor Submersible watch that has a very cool outlook. Its reference is PAM 616. The replica watch is made by VS factory and this is the V2 upgraded version, which was just published in December, 2018. The genuine watch is made of new material Carbotech Panerai developed, while the replica has a case that is fully made of forged carbon, which has detailed and grained textures like genuine Carbotech case. Forged carbon is light in weight but highly scratch resistant. You can find these unique patterns are more obvious on the case side. The case back is blackened metal, it is solid and engraved with a lot of information, which includes the special S.L.C. logo.


Black dial has a good matte texture. There are big 12 and 6 numeral markers, other hour markers are small dots with blackened metal edge. The dial does not have too many things to talk, the things that attract me most are the light blue small second hand and “CARBOTECH” printing. The small square window opened at 3 o’clock features white date font in black background. By the way, all hour markers and hands are applied with Swiss grade Patina Superlume, the dial lume is authentic green, strong and long lasting.

PAM 616 Carbon Case
PAM 616 Crown Bridge
PAM 616 Forged Carbon Case Texture
PAM 616 Forged Carbon Crown
PAM 616 Crown Lever

The Panerai PAM 616 replica uses a black rubber band, the factory also offers one pair of blue leather straps for free. The Pre-V buckle fitted on the band has black PVD coating processing. Rubber band is the best match of this Panerai Luminor Submersible watch because it is dustproof and waterproof, more convenient to wear than the leather band. A lot of tough men love to wear Panerai watch, Sylvester Stallone is a big fan of Panerai and the Rock Dwayne Johnson wore this PAM 616 in movie Fast 8.

PAM 616 Case Back Engravings

At last, the replica is an upgraded version from V1 edition, its time could be independently adjusted, while the date needs to be adjusted through hour hand. The time and date adjustment is the same as genuine.

PAM 616 Case Back Engravings 2
PAM 616 Case Back Engravings 3
PAM 616 Pre-V Buckle
PAM 616 Wrist Shot
PAM 616 with Free Blue Leather Strap

Noob Factory Replica Rolex Day-Date 40mm 228206 Super Clone 3255 Movement Blue Dial

Replica Rolex Day Date White Stainelss Steel Watch

Day-Date 228206 was published in 2016 Basel, it is the Day-Date watch in 40mm. The Rolex 228206 is in a very fresh style, in full stainless steel with blue dial. Day-Date is regarded as president watch, so you can see how high popular the watch is. In my opinion, Day-Date is not as popular as Datejust, I think the day window opened at 12 o’clock is extra, it is very enough for me to know the current date. The window at 12 o’clock has affected the beauty and layout of the whole dial. However, Day-Date is made by great watch master from Rolex, I should not have so much criticism. There are a lot of Rolex replicas of Datejust and Submariner made by AR factory, but currently no replicas of Day-Date are made by this factory, so in our market, there are no Rolex Day-Date replicas made of 904L stainless steel. This replica is made by Noob factory, it was produced according to a genuine watch that is completely dissected.

Replica Rolex Day Date 228206 Blue
Replica Rolex Day Date 228206
Replica Rolex Day Date Blue Dial

The case is made of solid 316L stainless steel, it is 40mm in diameter that is 1:1 dimension against genuine watch. The watch is only 12.5mm thick, which is very close to genuine. The case is brushed with polished lugs, the bezel is round, smooth and polished, it is different from that of Datejust, this bezel looks a little higher and wider. Look at the solid case back, nothing, haha. You can find something interesting on lugs. Yes, they are the mysterious engravings, on the back side of each lug, there is an unique symbol that is engaved, genuine Rolex Day-Date also has these lug engravings, however, you can only find this feature on some high quality replica Rolex.

Replica Rolex Day Date Case
Replica Rolex Day Date Crown

The crystal is updated sapphire with same thickness as genuine. There is an invisible etched crown in crystal at 6 o’clock. Under the sapphire crystal, there is a blue dial, which has special honeycomb patterns. The day window opened at 12 o’clock has a thinner font that that of date displayed at 3 o’clock, this increases the dial readability. All hour markers and hands are in silver tone, with white luminescence filled in the center. The dial lume is super blue, not green.

Replica Rolex Day Date Case Back

The bracelet is also made of solid 316L stainless steel, it is the special president bracelet that consists of three sections of links. The middle section of links are polished, while two sections of links at both sides are brushed. The bracelet connects with the case tightly, you need a special tool to remove the bracelet off, once you take it off, you can find some important features, like the photos display, some iconic serial engravings on case you can only find on genuine Rolex.

Day Date Case Engravings
Day Date Bracelet Engraving

About movement, you need a small balloon to open the case back before seeing it. Noob uses a Chinese automatic movement which we also call Asia ETA 2836 to modify, the auto rotor and movement plates have been decorated to look of genuine Rolex Cal. 3255. I saw Noob watch master opened the back, the decoration, especially those golden engravings, is very beautiful. Like genuine Rolex Cal. 3255, the auto rotor has a golden Rolex Crown logo engraving, the movement plate has golden engravings of “3255” and “GENEVA SWISS”.

Replica Rolex Day Date 228206 Bracelet

Here comes the watch specification.

Movement: Modified Clone 3255 Automatic, Based on Asia ETA 2836, Decorated Rotor and Movement Plates, Correct Golden Engravings, Screw Regulator.
Case: 40mm*12mm, Solid 316L Stainless Steel, Correct Engravings on Lugs and Case End That Connects Bracelet
Bezel: Polished Smooth Round Bezel
Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire with Laser Crown Logo Feature in Crystal at 6:00
Dial: Blue Honeycomb, Stick Hour Markers, Blue Superlume on Markers and Hands, Day and Date Window
Bracelet: Polished and Brushed President Bracelet, Made of 316L Stainless Steel
Water Resistant: 50m

Rolex Day Date 3255
Rolex Day Date Movement Golden Seals
Rolex Day Date Movement
Rolex Day Date 228206 Wrist Shot

AR Factory Replica Rolex Datejust 36mm 904L Stainless Steel Case with Clone 3135 Movement

I want to introduce more Rolex watches on my blog, after all Rolex is one of the best-selling wrist watches in the world, every man should own one Rolex watch, whether it is a Datejust or Submariner. In our market, these replica watches that have been the most frequently asked about are also under brand name Rolex. Every year, the amount of replica Rolex watches manufactured by various factories is much more than that of other brand replicas. If you asked me what is the best replica watch that looks closest to genuine, I must also say Rolex. Now, it it the end of 2018, and new Basel Watch Exibition in 2019 will come to us soon, I think our manufacturers have been ready for this big event, they will compete with each other to publish the replicas of the latest Rolex watches that will be published in 2019 Basel, so, let’s expect what big surprise they will bring to us in next year.

ARF Replica Rolex 36mm Datejust White Steel
ARF Replica Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel
Replica Rolex Datejust White Pearl Dial

First, let’s back to this Rolex Datejust replica watch. It is a men’s Rolex watch, in a case diameter of 36mm. The brushed case and polished lugs form a strong visual contrast. The case is made of 904L stainless steel, now other factories can not follow the pace of AR, because they still use 316L stainless steel, even Noob, which only used 904L stainless steel material on their Submariner models. While AR factory firstly used 904L stainless steel on Submariner, then Daytona, now every replica Rolex watch coming from this factory is made with genuine 904L stainless steel, we can see that AR has an abundant capital, other factories even Noob can not compare.

ARF Replica Rolex 904L Steel
ARF Replica Rolex Crown

The crystal is sapphire with a laser crown logo in at 6 o’clock. When checking the case from side, you will find that the crystal is a bit high from the bezel, not too much. I mean the crystal has the same thickness and height above bezel as per genuine. Under the sapphire crystal, there is a pearl white dial, not off white. The dial looks very elegant because it only has white and black color. The inner bezel has correct engravings, you can clearly see it from my dial photos. In the center of these silver hour markers, there is white lume material that is fully filled, so are hour and minute hands. So the dial will have a great lume light, you can see it is green at night.

ARF Replica Rolex Case Back
ARF 904L Stainless Steel Bracelet

The bracelet is also made of solid 904L stainless steel, it is popular Jubilee bracelet, but if you like Oyster bracelet, the factory can also offer you that option. Jubilee bracelet consists of five sections of links, the middle three sections of links are brightly polished, while links at both sides are brushed. The bracelet not only has an enough weight that is the same as genuine, but it also offers a great wearing comfort because the edge and each corner is polished round and smooth. Look at the last photo, the Datejust watch looks perfect on my wrist.

ARF Replica Rolex Crown Buckle

The following are detailed specs of the replica.

Movement: Asia Clone 3135 Automatic, 28800BPH, Decorated Movement Plates and Auto Rotor to Look of Genuine Rolex Cal. 3135. ARF Also Offers Asia ETA 2836 Movement For This Watch
Case: 36mm*12mm, Solid 904L Stainless Steel
Bezel: Fluted Bezel, 904L Stainless Steel, Same Platinum Tone Like Genuine
Crystal: Sapphire with Tiny Laser Crown Logo in Crystal at 6 o’clock
Dial: Pearl White Dial with Lumed Hour Markers and Hands, Date Window at 3 o’clock, Correct Date Magnifier
Bracelet: Solid 904L Stainless Steel, Jubilee Style, New Rolesor Deployant Clasp
Water Resistant: 50m

Replica Rolex Datejust Pearl White Wrist Shot
Replica Rolex Datejust in Plastic Box

Noob V4 Edition Replica Panerai PAM 111 Asia ETA 6497 Movement Brown Leather Strap

Noob V4 PAM 111

Nowadays, big watch is very popular, Panerai is the brand that exactly meets this trend. A lot of watch fans like Panerai, not only because of its rich history as a military watch for the Italy Navy, but also its tough and strong design attracts them deeply. If you love Panerai but do not have an enough budget, there are some entry-level models at much more affordable prices, they are PAM 005, PAM 111 and PAM 127. When it comes to our fake watch industry, these entry-level PAMs are also the models which various factories are willing to replicate, because they could be completed in a very high quality level, just like the replica Panerai PAM 127 made by Noob factory, we have given its review before. Today, I want to introduce another good replica Panerai watch from Noob, it reference number is PAM00111. Actually Noob made the replica of this Panerai watch six or eight years ago, they improved the dial details and movement of the replica every year, so now this V4 edition is the ultimate version of PAM 111 which Noob released in 2018. Every reader here who is interested in buying a Panerai replica watch wants me to recommend one for them, I will absolutely advise them to buy PAM 111 or PAM 127, because they have been 100% the same as original.

Replica Panerai PAM 111
PAM 111 Black Dial

Let’s talk about the movement first. Genuine PAM 111 is equipped with Swiss ETA 6497, while this movement has been discontinued in production for many years. Now even some dealers online claimed that their Panerai PAM 111 replica uses a real Swiss ETA 6497, they are cheating you. The Noob V4 PAM 111 is equipped with an Asia ETA 6497-2, which is based on a Chinese manual winding movement. Noob installed new plates for this movement, the plates have been molded according to genuine ETA 6497, so their shape and decoration are very closest to genuine. Look at the dagger swan neck regulator, it is set in the right position and works the same way as that of genuine ETA 6497. Blue letters such as “OFFICINE PANERAI” are engraved on the plate first, then are filled with blue ink. Having been tested for years, this Asia ETA 6497-2 works very stable and is considered to be the best manual winding movement used in replica watches.

PAM 111 Crown Bridge
PAM 111 Case

The case is made of 316L stainless steel, case diameter is measured to be in 44mm. The iconic crown bridge is eye-catching. The case, including bezel and lugs, is polished. While the crown bridge on right side is brushed. The replica follows 1:1 case design and finish, the crown is pressed down by the lever tight, crown tube has the same construction as genuine PAM 111, so the 1:1 case design on the replica PAM 111 guarantees a perfect water resistance. Case back is polygonal, it is screwed down and the central crystal uses sapphire. I have seen a lot of Panerai replica watches, including Luminor Submersible PAM 382, I do not suggest you wear these replicas PAMs when washing your hands or swimming, but for this Noob V4 PAM 111, it is not a problem for you to wear it when swimming, you can even dive with it.

PAM 111 Asia ETA 6497
PAM 111 Asia ETA 6497-2

The crystal is Sapphire, like genuine, the crystal face features colorless AR Coating on one side. The dial is black in sandwiched, no date function. Small second hand is working on the subdial at 9 o’clock. The dial has a strong green lume, I have checked the replica’s dial lume at night, its color and intensity are very close to that of genuine dial. Noob factory claimed that they use genuine Super-LumiNova C1+C3.

PAM 111 Brown Leather Strap

The band is made of genuine brown calf leather, it is fitted with a polished pin buckle that is engraved with word “PANERAI” in correct depth.

Do not wait now, this PAM 111 replica from Noob is the best version in our market. I think in the future Noob will not publish any improved edition any more. The stocks of Noob V4 PAM 111 will last.

PAM 111 Wrist Shot