Noob Factory Replica Rolex DIW Daytona All Black with Super Clone 4130 Movement

Rolex Daytona DIW Carbon Replica

In recent days, Noob factory published some new models, first, their Submariner 116610LN and 116610LV were upgraded to V12, so these two watches have really become very good, in the entire watch market, I do not think any other replica watches have such top quality like Noob Submariner. Besides Submariner, other new models Noob published are Daytona, which includes this DIW carbon Daytona I am going to introduce today and the Daytona with Meteorite dial. The Carbon Daytona, which looks very cool, was introduced to our market last year and attracted many people’s attention immediately. Before, three watch factories made this Daytona, they are WWF, JH and TW, their quality is good, but they have one big flaw, their case is a little thick. Just several days ago, Noob also unveiled this Daytona watch and improved it so that the case thickness is as same as genuine’s.

Rolex Daytona DIW Replica
Noob Rolex Daytona DIW

Now, Noob has completed the upgration of their Daytona collection, all their Daytona replica watches now have been upgraded to V4 edition, that’s a really good news to us, you can buy a better quality version at the same price, every time they made some improvements but still kept the same price. This time, Noob published five models of DIW Daytona, please check pictures below.

Rolex DIW Daytona Carbon Dial

About the five DIW Carbon Daytona models, Noob not only makes them with real forged carbon, but also makes the case in correct thickness, the same as genuine watch. Equipped with Super Clone 4130 movement, they sell DIW Daytona at a high price, over 800 USD.

Rolex DIW Daytona Crown
Rolex DIW Daytona Case

Like I said before, JH and TW watch factories made this Daytona, but they did not make the watch correct, flaws are abvious, especially the case is too thick, the carbon texture also does not look high end, it is greatly different from real watch’s. However, when I get this Daytona watch from Noob, I was surprised by its beautiful carbon textures you see on the case, the case back is also made with real forged carbon, not stainless steel. The entire watch looks very cool, it is not heavy but light in weight, very comfortable to wear.

Rolex DIW Daytona Carbon Case Back
Rolex DIW Daytona Carbon Buckle
Rolex DIW Daytona Band

The watch band is also a great highlight of the replica, black nylon material on outside with red stitching, which perfectly echoes with the black and red color usage on its bezel and dial. The inside that contacts your skin uses leather material that can guarantee a very good wearing comfort, I like this watch very much, I want to buy one, but I already have so many Rolex watches in my collection, if you like carbon watch, this one must be recommended.

Rolex DIW Daytona Orange Replica
Rolex DIW Daytona Carbon Watch
Rolex Daytona DIW White Replica
Rolex Daytona DIW Black Replica

Noob Factory V3 Edition Replica Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Arabic Dial with Super Clone 4130 Movement

Replica Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Arabic

Noob Daytona must be the hottest topic in this year, it is also the hottest replica watch currently, made by Noob factory, at the beginning, it already gained a lot of attention, and finally the watch does not disappoint us. We know that Noob just updated their Daytona to V4 edition, the first two models that have been updated to V4 edition are white Panda 116500 and black 116500. For this Daytona with ice blue dial, the latest version is V3, maybe we need to wait for some days for Noob to update it to V4 edition. But on the internet, some dealers claimed that the edition of Daytona coming from Noob is V8, V9 or even V10, this is not true, they are not telling you the truth.

Noob Ice Blue Daytona Watch Replica
Noob Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Replica
Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Arabic Dial

I already introduced the ice blue Daytona replica watch on my blog before, it is the first time when Noob just published their Daytona products that are made with 904L stainless steel, today, the Daytona ice blue model looks a bit different from the one I reviewed before, it features a traditional “Arabic Dial”.

Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Case
Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Crown

Noob need to face three difficulties when making this replica watch. First, the brown ceramic bezel, second, the ice blue dial on the dial, third, the movement stability and durability. After comparing the ice blue Daytona from all other factories with Noob’s, the brown color on its ceramic bezel and ice blue color on its dial are much closer to real than other factories. About the movement, in my opinion, Noob’s 4130 is the best clone 4130 movement in the market, this has been proven by my clients, they bought dozens of Daytona for their customers, and until now I still have not received any complaints from them. At last, if you decide to buy a replica watch, first, you need to find a trusted dealer who can give you honest advice, this is very important.

Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Case Back
Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Bracelet
Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Clasp
Rolex Daytona Super Clone 4130 Movement
Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Watch Collection
Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Wrist Shot

Noob V3 Replica Rolex Daytona 116518 Yellow Gold Rubber Watch with Super Clone 4130

Noob Replica Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold Watch

Throughout 2019, the most exciting news or the most successful event in replica watch industry is Noob published their Daytona with Super Clone 4130 movement. In all products which my clients bought from me, the one with least complaints is Daytona watch from Noob, which almost has no problems. Replica watches from other factories may have tiny problems such as light steel, unaligned screws, shallow engravings, etc., but about Noob Daytona, all of my clients gave me good feedbacks.

Replica Rolex Daytona 116618 Watch
Replica Rolex Daytona 116618 Yellow Gold

In last month, Noob upgraded their Daytona to the newest V3 edition, now the entire Daytona product line has been upgraded and watches are improved to V3 edition. Just two weeks ago, three new members were added to the collection of Noob’s Daytona, they are in yellow gold color and use black rubber band, one has a white dial, the other two have golden dial. Please check photos in the end. I will take one of them to do a watch review.

Replica Rolex Daytona 116618 Crown
Replica Rolex Daytona 116618 Yellow Gold Case

Three watches all look beautiful, I like the one with black subdials more. The replica is made with 904L stainless steel, both case and lugs have been plated with 18K yellow gold, Noob says the gold layer is 5 mils thick, it is still able to fade after a long time of wearing, if you want a golden replica watch that will not fade forever, sorry, it does not exist. Case is brushed, while lugs have a polished surface, on the back of the lugs, there are engravings, each of these symbols has their unique meaning.

Replica Rolex Daytona 116618 Yellow Gold Case Back

Black bezel uses high quality ceramic, there are golden tachymeter markers that are deeply engraved, Noob claimed that they have improved the bezel details, Karren, who writes blog, pointed out what improvements Noob has made on the bezel of the newest V3 Daytona in this post. Actually, the bezel is still not perfect, compared with genuine, we can find some differences, I think Noob will improve them in future, we all expect them to upgrade their Daytona to higher versions like V4, V5, V6….

Replica Rolex 116618 Yellow Gold Buckle

The dial is in yellow gold tone, there are three small dials, each is positioned at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, they all work the same way as genuine Daytona. Do not doubt the chrono function, about ten years ago, the chronograph function could be realized in replica watches. Among these three models, I prefer this dial, the small dials are in black, which greatly enhances the legibility of the entire golden dial, just at a glance, you will know where the small seconds hand is. By the way, this Daytona also has correct engravings on the inner bezel, including serial numbers, crown logo and ROLEX.

Replica Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold Buckle

The movement inside is Super Clone 4130, which is developed by Noob. Compared with Asia 7750 installed in previous Daytona replica watches, Super Clone 4130 has a big advantage, that is it makes Noob Daytona watches much thinner, which is only 12.5mm thick. Currently the best clone 4130 movement comes from Noob factory. By the way, the factory will offer one extra pair of black OysterFlex rubber straps for free.

Replica Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold Dial
Replica Rolex Daytona 116618 White Dial

Noob Factory V2 Edition Replica Rolex Daytona 116519 Blue Dial with Super Clone 4130 Movement Black Rubber Strap

Noob Replica Rolex Daytona

It is a great news for us to hear that Noob just published new Rolex Daytona watches today, the replica is a new addition to their super clone Daytona collection, now, the collection of Noob Daytona is extended, it has more models that are made of 904L stainless steel than before, it is really excited because we have more choices now. Some people always complain that the price of these Daytona replicas from Noob are much higher than before, but if you have ever bought replica watches before, you will notice that these Daytona replica watches have a higher quality now, so the money you spend will be worth. Today, I will give a review on a special Daytona watch that is made by Noob, its reference number is 116519 with blue dial. The replica is so perfect, whether you check on its case finish, dial details or inside mechanism, you can not find any flaws.

Noob V2 Replica Rolex Daytona
Replica Rolex Daytona with Rubber Strap
Replica Rolex Daytona with Blue Dial

The case is made of 904L stainless steel, a very high end stainless steel that was only used on genuine Rolex watches before, now, the latest Rolex replica watches coming from Noob and AR factories all use 904L stainless steel, this is really a big improvement. The case is 40mm in diameter and measured to be 12.5mm in thickness. The case is brushed with polished arched lugs. Bezel is inlaid with a black ceramic insert with tachymeter scales that feature platinum coating. The back side of the case back is updated with correct engravings.

Replica Rolex Daytona 116519 Crown
Replica Rolex Daytona 116519 Case

The dial is in blue with sunray patterns. Whether being compared with replica Rolex from BP or ARF, the dial completion of Noob is the best. The lume light color you can see on the hour markers and hands is updated, now it looks closer to genuine watch. The inner bezel Rehaut is also updated with correct series number engraving at 6 o’clock. Please take a close look at the dial, the central section of three subdials has a grain finish, which differs from the sunray pattern finish on the main dial. From the perfect finish on these subtle details, we can see how big effect Noob factory has made.

Replica Rolex Daytona Solid Case Back
Rolex Daytona Super Clone 4130
Rolex Daytona Case Back Inner Engravings

The movement inside is a super clone 4130. It is the first clone 4130 movement in replica watch market that has a full functional chronograph. The movement is much better than the Asia 4130 from ARF. At last, the replica watch is fitted with a black rubber band that is so soft and malleable, the factory also offers one extra pair of short rubber straps for small wrist, it is very intimate for Noob.

Rolex Red Daytona
Rolex Clone 4130 Auto Rotor
Rolex Clone 4130 Golden Seals
Rolex Clone 4130 Movement Decoration
Rolex Clone 4130 Movement
Rolex 116519 Black Rubber Strap
Rolex 116519 Rubber Band
Rolex Daytona 116519 Buckle

Noob Factory Replica Rolex Daytona 116515 Rose Gold with Super Clone 4130 Movement Black Rubber Strap

Replica Rolex Daytona 116615

Happy New Year! This is my first post in 2019, hope you guys have a good time in New Year Holiday, I was just back from my holiday and found that a lot of business inquiries in my email box, sorry for my late reply. As a fan of various Swiss watch brands but can not afford a genuine, what’s your expectation for a replica in 2019? You guys can leave your comments to express your thought, so watch manufacturers in our market can see what improvement they should make on their replica watches. A lot of people complained that replica watches are sold at more and more expensive prices, however they do not understand that they are made much closer to genuines now, if you want cheap replicas, they will not last. Today, I will show your a perfect replica watch from Noob, it was just published in December, 2018. If there is ten, I will give this replica 9 points, not perfectly ten because it still has some things need to be updated. This rose gold Rolex Daytona replica watch is the latest V8 edition, in the beginning of 2019, it is a good gift for you and her as a special new year gift.

Noob Replica Rolex Daytona Rose Gold Watch
Noob Replica Rolex Daytona Rose Gold

The case is measured to be 40mm in diameter, it is only 12mm thick. The replica watch is much thinner than any other replica Rolex watches with an automatic movement. Because the movement inside has been updated several times in 2018, now it almost has the same thickness as genuine Rolex Cal. 4130. About this Super Clone 4130 movement, it is currently the best 4130 in replica watch market, because it is the world first ever slim clone 4130 movement, besides, it features a fully functional chronograph. The latest Rolex Daytona replicas made by other factories can not achieve a full chronograph function, or the movement can not work as stable as this Super Clone 4130. I can not show you the movement inside, but I guarantee its decoration on plates and auto rotor is the same as genuine Cal. 4130. You can open the back with a special air bubble, it is very easy. I can not open it, otherwise the watch could not be accepted by other people. After taking these photos, I will return the watch back to the factory.

Noob Replica Rolex Daytona Rose Gold Case
Noob Replica Rolex Daytona Crown

The case is made of 316L stainless steel, while there is a thick rose gold coating up to 5 mils. The case is brushed except polished lugs. The bezel is black ceramic with rose gold markers. Check the watch from side view, you can see the sapphire crystal is a bit higher than the ceramic bezel. Chronograph buttons at 2 and 4 are fixed by screws, you can not press them before being loosen. Crown is screwed down, it has a Rolex Crown logo that is delicately made, with three dots under the logo. These three dots are different from that on Submariner. Two case sides are polished, which form a high contrast with the brushed case and case back. When you check the case back, yes, no things could be found, but when you look at the lugs carefully, you will find there are unique engravings, this features could only be found on genuine Rolex watches in the past, now you can also find this important genuine feature on a replica Rolex, this is a big improvement Noob has made.

Daytona Lug 750
Daytona Lug 2
Daytona Lug Crown Logo
Daytona Lug 4

Black rubber band on the replica watch fits perfectly with the whole rose gold style of the watch. It is in line with the three black subdials on rose gold dial and the black ceramic bezel. For a rose gold watch, I think the best match is a black rubber band. This rubber strap is made of Malaysian natural rubber material, the band connects the case very well, you can see there is no gap between the two ends of the band and the case. On the side of the rubber band, there are lettering of “OYSTERFLEX”, what is the exact meaning of this word? About the replica watch, Noob also offers one pair of black leather straps for free.

Replica Rolex Daytona Rose Gold Case Back
Replica Rolex Daytona Rose Gold Buckle
Rolex Daytona OYSTERFLEX Rubber Strap
Daytona Black Rubber Strap 2

JH Factory Replica Rolex Daytona 116508 Full Yellow Gold Watch with Clone 4130 Movement

JH Replica Rolex Daytona Gold

Daytona is one of the best-selling Rolex watches, it is a great chronograph watch for both men and women. Compared with chronograph models of other Swiss brands, Daytona looks more luxury because the usage of precious metals such as platinum, yellow gold and rose gold. However, due to those luxury elements of gold and diamond on the watch, I do not think Daytona is a good watch for me to wear when doing sports activities, I like these sports watches in light weight and made of advanced material. In our market, there are a lot of factories that have made replica Rolex Daytona watches, BP is the oldest manufacturer that makes moderate quality replica Rolex, they have a large collection of replicas that almost cover each Rolex model. In 2018, there is another factory named AR, they made two big improvement in replicating Rolex, first, the usage of 904L stainless steel, second, the movement is updated in replica Rolex. These two big actions make replica Rolex watches coming from Chinese watch market closer to genuine models. Now this Daytona replica watch you see below is a full gold model, its reference number is 116508 and the watch is equipped with an Asia clone 4130 movement. By the way, the replica is made by JH factory, which has been very famous for making the best Omega Speedmaster replica watches with 9300 movement. JH has another name, that is OM.

Replica Rolex Daytona 116508 Gold Case
Replica Rolex Daytona 116508 Gold Watch
Replica Rolex Daytona Black Dial

116508 Daytona has a full yellow gold outlook, it looks more luxury than stainless steel models. However, I love white stainless steel or two tone Daytona watches more, I think the full gold Daytona is more suitable for the elder who have a rich life experience. About this yellow gold Daytona, it is made of 316L stainless steel, then has a thick coating of yellow gold, the gold coating plated on the case will not easily fade, the factory told me that the gold coating can last about three years. The case is brushed, except polished lugs and case sides. Two chronograph buttons on the right side are functional once you press them down after being unscrewed.

ROLEX Golden Printings
Rolex Daytona 12-Hour Chronograph
Rolex Daytona 30-Minute Chronograph
Rolex Daytona Small Seconds Subdial
Rolex Laser Crown Logo

The dial is black, please check the last photo in this article, 116508 also has other dial color options. Well, I think the black color on the dial matches the yellow gold tone very well. Black dial looks very elegant. These dial printings and three subdials are all in gold color. There are still some people worrying that the three subdials are not working, but I am very responsible to tell you that this replica has a fully working chronograph function, so the 30-minute chronograph and 12-hour chronograph are the same as genuine, once you press the 2:00 button down, the central golden second-chronograph hand will start to move. The small second hand positioned at 6:00 subdial runs very smooth. Hour markers, hour hand and minute hand are applied with white luminous material.

Rolex Daytona Full Yellow Gold
Rolex Daytona Golden Case
Rolex Daytona Golden Crown Buttons
Rolex Daytona Case Close-up

Please check the crystal carefully and you will find an important feature that could only be found on genuine Rolex, that is the tiny laser crown logo. Yes, you have seen it on the two photos I posted here. I do not know how the factory did this, but it is indeed a big improvement.

Rolex Daytona Golden Case Back
Rolex Daytona Golden Case Back 2
Rolex Daytona Lug Engraving
Rolex Daytona Lug Engraving 2
Rolex Daytona Lug Engraving 3
Rolex Daytona Lug Engraving 4

On the back side of each lug, there is an unique symbol being engraved, I do not know the meaning of these engravings, can somebody tell me by leaving comments here. I do not want to talk too much about the movement, as I mentioned above, it is an Asia clone 4130, th quality may be the same as Noob Super Clone 4130 equipped in Daytona 116520. The bracelet is also in full yellow gold, the factory needs to spend a lot of time and effort to do the gold plating on case and bracelet, and polishing them, so this is the main reason why this gold Daytona replica is sold at a high price. As you can see below, there are ten models JH factory published this time, each is in full yellow gold and has a different dial color. So, please tell me which model you love most.

Rolex Daytona Golden Bracelet
Rolex Daytona Golden Clasp
Rolex Daytona Golden Clasp 2
Rolex Daytona 116508 Gold Wrist Shot
Rolex Daytona 116508 Gold Wrist Shot 2
Rolex Daytona Full Yellow Gold Watch Collection

BP Factory Replica Rolex Daytona Cool Hand Brooklyn Spike Lee Limited Edition with A4130 Movement

Replica Rolex Daytona Spike Lee

BP is the first factory to make 1:1 high end replica Rolex watches, before other factories like Noob and J12 started to replicate Rolex, BP already has the most complete collection of Rolex replicas. Besides, BP factory also has another big advantage, that’s their Rolexs are always sold at reasonable prices, which are much lower than Rolex from Noob and J12. How about the quality? It is moderate, I mean it is very good. I have clients who have ordered BP Rolex from me, they all said their watches have been used for more than two years. Sometimes you can not find a special Rolex in Noob factory, but you can easily find it from BP. Now Noob sells their Rolex at a higher price than before, but BP still maintains their watches at original price level, so why not consider a replica Rolex that is sold within your budget? Today, I will introduce such a replica from BP factory, it is a Daytona Limited Edition, genuine watch was specially designed for Cool Hand Brooklyn Spike Lee, now this replica is only made by BP.

Replica Rolex Daytona Cool Hand Brooklyn

Replica Rolex Daytona Spike Lee Limited Edition

Replica Rolex Daytona Cool Hand Brooklyn Dial

The Rolex Daytona Cool Hand Brooklyn replica is so special when being compared with other modern Daytona watches. The Spike Lee limited edition uses two bright colors, blue and orange. I never saw such a colorful Daytona watch before. It is not a modern style Daytona, but has a little retro flavor. The chronograph pushers at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock use the design that could only be found in those vintage Rolex Paul Newman Daytona watches. Two pushers have caps in blue and orange color.

Rolex Daytona Cool Hand Brooklyn Case

Rolex Daytona Cool Hand Brooklyn Spike Lee Chronograph Buttons

Like Tachymeter bezel, the dial also uses two main colors, blue and orange. It is a replica with real chronograph function, so the three small dials are working like genuine. When you press the 2:00 button down, the big orange hand in the center will start chronograph. Small dials at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are for 30 minutes and 12 hours chronograph. The orange lettering “BROOKLYN” and unique “A” mark remind you that this is a limited edition model. Blue background, together with orange elements, make the dial highly readable. By the way, the small orange hand at 6 o’clock is displaying seconds. Besides each bar-shaped stainless steel hour markers, there is an orange dot, these dots are not luminous, on the dial, only hour hand and minute hand are applied luminous material.

Replica Rolex Daytona Cool Hand Bracelet

The replica is equipped with a clone 4130 movement that is modified on base of an Asian Secs@6 Valjoux 7750. Some factories also cloned Rolex’s 4130 movement, but the chronograph function was sacrificed. However, this Rolex 4130 movement cloned by BP not only has a real chronograph, but also works as smooth as genuine watch. The case back uses transparent sapphire crystal, you can see the movement, its auto rotor is blued steel. There are correct golden seals engraved on the movement plate.

Replica Rolex Daytona Blue Rotor

Replica Rolex Daytona Spike Lee 4130

About the band, it is made of solid 316L stainless steel, the whole bracelet is brushed and fitted with a deployant clasp. BP also offers one pair of blue leather straps for this replica watch, the calf leather band has orange hand stitching and textured croc prints.

Replica Rolex Daytona Cool Hand Brooklyn Wrist Shot

Movement: Asian 4130 Movement Runs Small Seconds at 6:00, Real Chronograph, Modified Blue Rotor and Plates to Look of Genuine Rolex 4130
Case: 40mm*15mm, 316L Stainless Steel
Bezel: Blue Metallic Bezel
Crystal: Sapphire with Tiny Laser Rolex Crown in Crystal at 6:00
Dial: Blue with Stick Hour Markers, Working Sub-Dials
Band: Solid 316L Stainless Steel Bracelet with Deployant Clasp
Water Resistant: 50m

AR Factory Replica Rolex Daytona 116500LN 904L Stainless Steel Case Asian 4130 Movement

ARF Rolex Daytona Replica

Daytona is a very important series of Rolex. Most people buy Rolex Daytona watches not only because they are made of precious metals, but also due to their sporty style. Daytona is one of the best-sellng mechanical chronograph watches. Under its formal appearance, the design of Daytona never lacks sports elements, I think this is the main reason why there are a lot of people loving it. Daytona is a treasure model of Rolex, every jewelry elements used on this watch seems to be so natural. Let’s back to this replica Daytona watch first. Genuine watch has a reference of 116500LN, the replica is made by AR factory, there are two big selling points of the replica, one is its 904L stainless steel case, the other is the Asian 4130 movement, which is considered to be the most slim chronograph movement.

Rolex Daytona 116500LN Replica

Rolex Daytona 116500LN Black Replica

Rolex Daytona 116500LN Black Dial

The case is made of 904L stainless steel, its diameter is 40mm and measured to be 13mm in thickness. Not only made of higher quality material, the case also has a top-level finish. The lugs and crown guards are polished, while other case parts are brushed, such case finish gives people a good visual effect. View the case from side, the lugs have a certain curvature, like they are naturally extended from the case. The back of each lug is engraved with secret symbols like genuine Rolex. Maybe each symbol has a special meaning, while I don’t know. The bezel insert uses real black ceramic and has silver Tachymeter markers that are in correct engraving depth.


Rolex Daytona 116500LN Small Seconds

Rolex Daytona 116500LN Laser Crown in Crystal

Rolex Daytona 12-Hour Chronograph Counter

Rolex Daytona 30-Minute Chronograph Counter

On the black dial, there are three small dials. Small seconds hand is running on the subdial at 6 o’clock. Other two small dials at 3 and 9 o’clock have no functions, the two small hands are fixed. But the chronograph function is real, when you press down the button at 2 o’clock, the central seconds chronograph hand will start to work. Compared with Daytona replica watches from BP and Noob factory, the Daytona made by AR factory lacks funtions of 30-minute and 12-hour chronograph counter, it is a pity. But I think this is the only flaw of the replica. Silver hour markers, hour and minute hands are filled with luminous material, they will emit a strong blue light in the dark place.

Rolex Daytona 116500 Chronograph Buttons

Rolex Daytona 116500 Case Profile

Rolex Daytona 116500LN Bezel Tachymeter

Rolex Daytona 116500LN Triple Crown System

Black rubber band is made of high quality rubber material imported from Thailand. Besides Panerai’s ASSO leather band, rubber strap is my favorite. Compared with stainless steel bracelet, rubber strap has a lot of advantages, such as waterproof, moisture proof, more durable, etc. If it is with a stainless steel bracelet, you will worry about being scratched. About the movement, it is an Asian clone 4130 that is based on a Chinese chronograph movement. AR watch masters spent a lot of time in developing this movement, although it has an extremely high stability, the movement still needs to be improved. The following are brief details of the replica to help you understand it better.

Rolex Daytona 116500 Solid 904L Steel Back

Rolex Daytona 116500LN Stainless Steel Buckle

Rolex Daytona 116500 Deployant Clasp

Rolex Daytona 116500LN Clasp Engravings

Movement: Asian Slim Chronograph Movement, Real Seconds Chronograph, Decorated Auto Rotor and Plates Like Genuine Rolex 4130 Caliber.
Case: 40mm*13mm, Solid 904L Stainless Steel
Bezel: Black Ceramic
Crystal: Sapphire with Tiny Rolex Crown Laser Logo at 6:00 in The Crystal, The Same as Genuine
Dial: Black with Superlumed Markers and Hands
Bracelet: Black Rubber Strap with Flip Lock Deployant Clasp
Water Resistant: 50m

Rolex Signature on Rubber Band

Rolex Daytona with Black Rubber

Rolex Rubber Band Close-up

Rolex Daytona 116500LN Wrist Shot

ARF Packaging

Rolex Daytona in Plastic Box