SV Factory Replica SevenFriday M3/01 Spaceship Cool Black Watch

Replica Sevenfriday M3-01

Sevenfridy is a people-friendly brand with fashionable design, it is really hot in recent years, many celebrity stars also like Sevenfriday watch. With creativity inspired in Switzerland, their movement comes from Japan, while other watch parts are manufactured and assembled in China. The uniqueness of Sevenfriday lies in its dial, whose design inspiration comes from various strange things, like this Sevenfriday M3/01, it has a very special dial design whose design is inspired by a spaceship.

Replica Sevenfriday PVD Black
Replica Sevenfriday Spaceship
Sevenfriday Spaceship Dial

The Sevenfriday replica watch is made by SV, which is a great factory only makes replicas of Sevenfriday. The dial is unique, it refers to the design of a spaceship, another strange place on the Sevenfriday watch is that it does not hour, minute and second hands. A lot of people do not know how to read time, let me tell you. The rotating disc in the middle is seconds plate, the white disc on the left shows minutes with a red indicator that is pointing at current minute, at the far left, there is a disc in grey with a small red line that indicates current hour. It is not hard to get time from this multi-layered dial.

Sevenfriday M3-01 Case
Sevenfriday M3-01 Crown

The case is made of 316L stainless steel, black rubber is wrapped around the square case. The crystal uses sapphire and has light anti-reflective coating. The watch is equipped with a black leather band, which is made with premium calf skin leather, there is logo and other information printed on the back of the leather band, well, you can see all these details on a genuine watch. By the way, SV factory also offers one pair of black rubber straps for this watch, the rubber wrist bands are also free.

Sevenfriday Spaceship Case Back
Sevenfriday Spaceship Buckle
SEVENFRIDAY Engraving on Buckle

In my opinion, because the dial is so unique, it is hard for a factory to make a replica Sevenfriday watch that is completely the same as genuine, it is already successful if a replica Sevenfriday has a 80% similarity to original.

Sevenfriday Black Leather Strap

SV Factory Replica SevenFriday P2B/03-W Woody Watch with Miyota 82S7 Movement Brown ASSO Strap

SVF Replica SevenFriday Woody

SevenFriday is a young brand, but in recent years, it has become a fashionista-favorite, I know little about SevenFriday, but from its case back, you can read a lot of useful information. This brand have watches constructed from China, the engine inside is imported from Japan, but SevenFriday is still a Swiss brand, its headquarter is located in Zurich, so the design inspiration of all SevenFriday watches comes from the Switzerland. SevenFriday has three series, the P, the M and the V, they are differentiated by cases and dials. Today, the SevenFriday replica watch I am going to review belongs to the P series, it is made by SV, which is a watch manufacturer in our market that specilizes in making good quality replica SevenFriday watches.

Replica SevenFriday P2B-03
Replica SevenFriday Wood Watch
SevenFriday Wood Watch Dial

SevenFriday watches are large and eye-catching, they are wearable on more wrists because to their lugless case, I mean the case does not have lugs, the straps are directly attached to the case. This replica SevenFriday P2B/03-W is nicknamed as “Woody”, because its pvd black case box is surrounded by wood. This is not the first time for SevenFriday to use wood case on their watch, in 2013, they released the first P3/2 woody watch. The case back is unique, many useful information you can read from it.

SevenFriday Wood Crown
SevenFriday Wood Case

The dial stands out due to its unique texture and even more depth than previous models. Silver hour markers are more raised, the hour hand has an end that is applied with luminescence. Sub-seconds small dial is positioned between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. The 24-hour indicator is two concentric half-scales with a short waved end, I do not know how to read the 24 hour from this indicator. The dial may look complicated for some body, but time-telling is actually standard.

SevenFriday P2B Case Back
SevenFriday PVD Black Clasp 2
SevenFriday PVD Black Clasp

Like genuine, the replica is also equipped with a real Japanese Miyota 82S7 movement, the brown leather strap looks like Panerai’s ASSO band, this brown leather band looks distressed and old, it also has signature. By the way, this replica has an NFC function and mineral crystal like genuine.

SevenFriday Woody Brown Leather Strap
SevenFriday Woody Wrist Shot

V6 Factory Replica SevenFriday Racer P3B/01 with Miyota 82S7 Movement

Replica SevenFriday Racer P3B 01

SevenFriday became hot about 3 years ago due to its unique dial design. Now a large number of people are willing to choose those watches that look strange with bold design, SevenFriday is very popular among the young. It developed a few series that could be distinguished from each other by their dial. Now, the watch I am writing about is a replica of SevenFriday Racer P3B/01, it is made by V6, which is a factory that mainly produced Panerai replicas before, but now their replica watch business covers every Swiss brand. Because SevenFriday has a complicated dial, it is hard for the factory to make the replica to be 100% perfect. Look at this SevenFriday Racer P3B/01 replica carefully, its dial has some difference with genuine, but also could be 98% close to original watch.

Replica SevenFriday Racer

The case is made of 316L stainless steel and has black DLC coating on surface, it has a diameter of 47mm. Black rubber is wrapped around to prevent case from scratches. Check case side, there are horizontal patterns and “SEVENFRIDAY”. Crown is positioned on the right side and protected by two rubber guards, the replica watch also has a good water resistance exactly because the crown system has the same construction as genuine. You can read a lot about SevenFriday on the solid case back, a world map on the circle in matt finish. The map show that the design & concept of SevenFriday come from Switzerland, it is produced and assembled in China, the movement inside is from Japan. Because it is completely made in China, I think this is the main reason why genuine SevenFriday is sold at much cheaper than other Swiss watches.

V6 Replica SevenFriday Racer P3B

Dial is multi-tier. You can seven see the working balance wheel from skeletonized plate. It is very easy to read time from the dial, there is a small dial marked with a red triangle at 4:30, it rotates and acts as the seconds hand role. The most upper round plate with a black hand is displaying minutes. The red hand at bottom with a white lume tip shows current hours. The rotating subdial at 9 o’clock is showing 24-hour GMT, is it true? I do not know, maybe it is a GMT function.

Replica SevenFriday Racer Multi-Tier Dial

Like genuine watch, this SevenFriday replica watch is equipped with a Japanese Miyota 82S7 automatic movement. No difference between the replica and genuine, the movement is real and directly imported from Japan. At last, the black leather band is made of premium calfskin leather, with padded insert and stitching, the strap looks good on the case and perfectly matches the whole style of the watch.

SevenFriday Crown


SevenFriday Racer P3B Case Back

SevenFriday DLC Pin Buckle

Replica SevenFriday Racer Wrist Shot