TW Factory Replica Rolex Datejust II Two Tone Yellow Gold with 3235 Movement

Replica Rolex Datejust II 41mm Two Tone

Everyone does not want to face this situation, now there is a great disaster in our watch market, maybe it is a great news for these Swiss brands, but for us, many people are loosing their jobs, haha, hope they can find a new job and do not sell these fake watches any more. Anyway, I do not support the idea of selling fake watches online, it is illegal, I hope, some day, there will be a watch brand in China that can compete with these Swiss brands, currently there is no such a Chinese brand can do this. Yes, I admit some Chinese watches are very good, for example, Shanghai Watch, Beijing Watch, and Sea-gull, they make good watches and they all have the ability to produce complicated models, however, these Chinese brands are not accepted by people in European countries, even Chinese do not buy and like Swiss watches more.

Replica Rolex Datejust II Yellow Gold 3235
TW Replica Rolex Yellow Gold Datejust Watch
Rolex Datejust II Golden Dial

Now, back to our today’s topic, we will talk about Datejust replica, now some readers here asked me questions, one of them is which factory now makes good quality Datejust, because Noob, ARF and VSF are currently closed and can not offer any watches, so it is an important thing to know where to get the best Datejust watch now. I will give you two options, first, GM factory, second, TW factory. Absolutely GM factory is the best option, they have better case finish and movement decoration. However, TW is also a very reliable resource to get the golden Datejust, like this two tone yellow gold one in this post, it looks nice, the quality is moderate and price is acceptable to more people.

Rolex Two Tone Datejust Case Back
Rolex Datejust II Two Tone Bracelet
Rolex Datejust II Clasp

TW factory uses 904L stainless steel to make this replica Datejust, which is measured to be 41mm in case diameter and 13mm thick. It is a two tone style watch, the case, bezel and bracelet have yellow gold plated, the gold coating is not too thick, but it won’t easily fade or being scratched, yes, I know the golden watch will look very ugly if the gold fade and the inner white steel exposed. So my suggestion is taking good care of a golden watch.

TW Factory Clone 3235

I opened the case back so that you can view the movement, which is clone 3235. The golden engravings on auto rotor and movement plates are clearly visible, it is a very simple 3235 movement, absolutely can not be compared with the custom 3235 from VSF, its decoration is also not perfect, but considering its price and quality level, it is very ok for me. By the way, TW also has their own package, look at the picture below, and TW has a large collection of Datejust replicas, it is a factory that deserves your attention if you are looking for a replica that is not too expensive.

TW Factory Packaging
TW Factory Datejust Two Tone Watch Wrist Shot
TW Factory Two Tone Datejust Collection

Where to buy the best Datejust replicas when most factories are closed?

Now, a lot of watch factories have been closed, I do not know if they will reopen, I am not sure, some people said they will be back with another new name, some people said they are just on holiday, whatever, no one knows the exact date when they be back. In our market, the best Rolex replicas are made by Noob and VSF before, now, these two factories have been closed for some days, so every one who wants to buy a replica Rolex does not know where to get the best one now. For Daytona, absolutely the only one option is to wait because Noob still not back, for Submariner, now you can not get it from Noob and VSF, but ZZF and ZF are also two good options. For Datejust, many people are confused, because they do not know where to buy the best replicas, because I always recommended the Datejust from VSF before, now this factory is closed, so they do not know which factory makes good quality Datejust replicas.

If you are looking for a good quality Datejust replica watch, whether it is 28mm, 36mm or 41mm, GM factory is currently the best source. First, GM factory is not affected during this raiding, his business is normal. Second, GM factory has the most complete collection of Datejust, 28mm, 31mm, 36mm, 41mm, every Datejust model you may be interested in can be bought from GM. Third, GM is one of the earliest watch manufacturers that make Rolex Datejust with 904L stainless steel, so their quality is guaranteed.