JB Factory Replica Richard Mille RM52-01 Skull Tourbillon Watch

Replica Richard Mille Skull Tourbillon

Another good tourbillon watch from JB factory, until now, this factory has brought us a lot of good quality tourbillon watches, for example, Roger Dubuis, Rolex Milgauss tourbillon, etc., today, I want to introduce another tourbillon watch from JB, it is a Richard Mille RM52-01 replica watch, check photos below, besides the red watch, there are also other color options for this watch, they all look good, but a little too expensive for me, I always want to buy one Richard Mille watch for myself, maybe in the end of 2020, I will buy my first RM replica watch.

Replica Richard Mille Tourbillon Red
Replica Richard Mille Red Watch
Richard Mille Skull Dial

In my memory, JB factory produced Richard Mille tourbillon watches before, I do not know which model now, maybe it is discontinued in production, how about the Richard Mille watches below? Do you like any one of them? My favorite is not this red, I like the silver one most.

Richard Mille Case
Richard Mille Crown

In the whole watch market, few companies make tourbillon watches, JB is one of them, I always believe that the quality of their tourbillon watches is the best. For this replica, JB factory also tried their best to make the replica look closest to genuine watch. In dimension, genuine watch is 50mm43mm16mm, the replica is in size of 49.844.316.4mm, the thickness is almost the same. On the skeleton dial, it is a big Skull sculpture, with supports in four directions. Look carefully at the Skull, the gem in its mouth, it is actually a bearing of the tourbillon, you can not see the tourbillon completely, it is behind the mouth. The gem on ithe skull forehead is in correct color, in its right eye, the size and depth of the gear are correct, it is in same size and depth as genuine.

Richard Mille Case Back
Richard Mille Clasp
Richard Mille Red Rubber Strap

It is a replica watch with tourbillon movement, the price is much higher than other replica watches with common automatic movement, this RM tourbillon even has a higher price than those with real Swiss ETA movement, maybe some people think that it is not worth spending so much on a tourbillon watch that is a replica, however, in my opinion, in your watch collection box, you need to leave one or two cases empty for tourbillon watches, because they are really beautiful machine.

Richard Mille Tourbillon Watch Wrist Shot
Richard Mille Tourbillon Watch Collection

TW Factory Replica IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Skeleton Watch Review

Replica IWC Portuguese Tourbillon

It is an IWC watch that looks weired, its dial, looks too complicated, decades later, maybe I will need such one watch in rose gold style and with a lot of complications. For now, I still prefer the common IWC Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve. The replica is made by TW factory, before, this factory only produced replicas of Hublot Classic Fusion and Joker, in this month, TW also released some replicas of new Rolex models, their watches are not expensive and quality is moderate, it is a good source to choose mid-quality replicas from them.

Replica IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Power Reserve
Replica IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Moon Phase
IWC Portuguese Skeleton Dial

This IWC is a replica that uses a real tourbillon movement. Check the tourbillon device shown through the window opened at 6 o’clock. It is an Asia tourbillon movement that is manual winding, the factory said the power reserve is 72 hours, which is also 3 days, means the watch can serve you for 3 days after winding it one time. I do not believe it is true. Few replicas have a power reserve ability of 3 days, even the watch is an automatic and stays on your wrist day and night. If there is, please tell me, I want to buy. So I think TW is not telling you the truth.

IWC Portuguese Rose Gold Case
IWC Portuguese Crown

The dial looks a bit complicated, but ok for me. The tourbillon device has the biggest window, you can see its beating clearing, the indicator at 9 o’clock shows the remaining power reserve, while the window at 3 o’clock shows day and night, besides these complicated functions, you can also see movement plates with jewels through the dial, check the movement through the crystal back, it has beautiful decoration with genuine IWC movement engravings, while you can not compare Chinese cheap movement with IWC’s movement, too many differences, if you see it too many times, you will not want it any more. So, just think you get a good tourbillon watch with a very reasonable price.

IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Movement
IWC Portuguese Rose Gold Clasp
IWC Portuguese Black Leather Strap

Case and clasp is in rose gold tone, with black leather straps, the leather band is good, but it is not made with the best aligator leather, if you want premium made aligator leather, that will be over hundreds of dollars because it will be custom made. You can also ask the factory to install brown leather straps for this watch. By the way, TW factory also offers white stainless steel options for this IWC tourbillon watch.

IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Watch Collection

V6 Factory Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LN with A2824 Movement

Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LN V6 Factory

Another great replica of Submariner 116610LN, coming from V6 factory, was just published several days ago. We know V6 is a big and famous factory, it has produced a lot of high quality replica watches, including Ballon Bleu, Hublot Big Bang, etc., this time, they produced this replica Submariner 116610LN, how about the quality? I got one on hand today, it looks nice, like the factory said, the dial details have a high degree of reduction, I checked, the dial is indeed very perfect, one day, I will take it to a Rolex boutique to compare with genuine.

If a replica can be made to be the same as genuine in appearance, then it must be a very successful replica watch. If this Submariner 116610LN replica has a good dial details, just like V6 factory said, then most of us can not tell it is a replica, I believe it can beat all Submariner 116610LN replicas made by other factories such as Noob, ARF, ZZF, etc. The movement, for a replica watch, is also very important, but sometimes, take the production cost into consideration, the movement is not that important if it is already very reliable. If V6 installes a SA3135 movement inside this replica, the cost will be very high, so they will lose competitiveness after all there are so many good quality 116610LN replicas in our market.

The replica 116610LN from V6 factory is equipped with A2824 movement, but its case thickness is correct, which is only 12mm. To keep the outlook to be closest to genuine watch, V6 factory made a lot of efforts to improve the watch parts that have not been improved by other factories before, such as case thickness, the cyclops ar coating, crown position, etc., once you take this watch on hand, many people can not find obvious flaws at first glance, it is not easy to be spotted as a replica even after being checked carefully.

After being worn for some time, the bezel markers of Submariner 116610LN from most watch factories will become dirty and dark, and you will need to pay big money to change the bezel insert, while V6 factory said that their bezel does not have this issue, if the bezel has any problems, they can replace for free, that soulds very nice. For people who seek for a high-end Submariner replica with lower cost than Noob and ZZF, V6 Submariner 116610LN is a good choice.

OM Factory V3 Replica Blancpain Villeret Watch with Clone 6654 Movement

Replica Blancpain Villeret

When we talking about replicas of Blancpain, in most cases people will think of their Fifty Fathoms, yes, all of us only remembered the big guy, the big diver’s too, and forgot the most classic. I did not say Fifty Fathoms is not classic, it is a very successful diver’s watch, especially in the replica watch market, many people bought it and often out of stock. What I am talking about is we should not abandon the choices of those formal watches, sometimes they looks very classic, they will make you look more elegant and handsome in some occasions. So, today, I want to introduce one white watch that looks very pure and clean in the heart of each us, it is from Blancpain Villeret, I think I will list it as my second consideration next to IWC Portuguese when I need to buy a classic formal watch.

Replica Blancpain Moonphase
Replica Blancpain Villeret 6654
Blancpain Villeret White Dial

The replica is made by OM factory, we all know that OM started to become famous because of manufacturing good quality replica Omega Speedmaster watches at the beginning, now, the replica watches collection of OM becomes bigger, it covers AP Royal Oak, Omega Seamaster and Speedmaster, etc. This Blancpain Villeret replica comes from OM factory now was just updated to V3 edition. It has several improvements, first, the movement is more reliable, based on Citizen 9100 automatic, OM claimed that the movement is independently developed, but it is still based on a Japanese movement, the movement just looks closer to original Blancpain 6654 Calibre. The second improvement is the case thickness, now V3 is only 11.7mm.

Blancpain Villeret Case
Blancpain Villeret Crown

For a real watch, it is a complication from Blancpain. Several functions are integrated into this replica watch, week, date, month, day/night indicator, some people like such watch with so many features, however, for me, a date display will be enough. On the replica, the month does not change automatically, you need to change manually each month. The date display is also very special, the central blue hand is pointing at current date, Blancpain Villeret does not uses a window to show the date. This replica is not cheap, the function is a selling point, the finish is also top quality, especially the finish of these raised Rome hours markers on the dial, their shape and size are very close to that of genuine watch. A genuine leather band is a standard feature for a classic formal watch, for this replica Blancpain, OM uses the best calfskin leather material to make the band, so it is very soft and comfortable to wear.

Blancpain Villeret Crystal Back
Blancpain Buckle
Blancpain Watch Replica