VS Factory V2 Edition Replica Panerai Luminor GMT PAM 531 with Super Clone P.9003 Movement Black Leather Strap

Now, these factories always changed their names, for example, VS was also called KW or V6 before. Many people think that KW, VS and V6 are different watch factories, actually they are the same one watch manufacturer. If you have been in replica watch industry for years, you will know that VS factory was very famous, at the beginning, it only made Panerai replica watches, and it was indeed known as the best Panerai replica watch maker. Today, I will show you the latest version of PAM 531 from VS factory, it is the newest V2 edition, with every detail upgraded upon V1. This replica is the best PAM 531 GMT watch you can find online. If you want to own the best replica Panerai watch, please buy from VS factory.

Replica Panerai Luminor GMT 531
VSF Replica Panerai PAM 531

PAM 531 is a Luminor watch from Panerai with GMT function. Although it is not as popular as the other two GMT watches PAM 441 and PAM 438, PAM 531 is the Luminor GMT Panerai watch I like. The case is crafted from solid 316L stainless steel, it is fully polished except the brushed crown bridge. The case is measured to be 44mm in diameter and 18mm in thickness. Sapphire crystal above the dial has Swiss grade AR coating that is colorless like genuine.

PAM 531 Case
PAM 531 Crown Bridge

Black dial is sandwiched, I like the layout design of PAM 531’s dial, it is very reasonable. Four hands on the dial all have silver edge, which is contrasting with the black background of the dial. Small seconds hand is running on the sub-dial at 9 o’clock, the GMT hand with an arrow-shaped end is pointing to the time of second time zone. There are 24-hour markers on the outer of the dial. Besides, the dial will have a very strong lume light in green color in dark conditions.

PAM 531 Crystal

About movement, it is a super clone P.9003 movement, it is the best clone P.9003 movement in our market, slimmer than previous editions published by VS factory before, also slimmer than the versions developed by other small factories. With this clone P.9003, you can set date via hour hand like genuine, the adjusting way of time and date are all the same as genuine.

PAM 531 P.9003

At last, the PAM 531 replica is fitted with a black leather band, which is made of genuine calfskin leather, Pre-V buckle on the strap is the clasp type I love most. The wide leather strap, fitted such a big buckle, can offer you a perfect wearing comfort. If you are looking for a stainless steel GMT watch from Panerai, PAM 531 is absolutely your best choice.

PAM 531 Pre-V Buckle

VS Factory V2 Edition Replica Panerai PAM 688 Luminor GMT Blue Watch with Clone P.9001 Movement

Replica Panerai Luminor GMT Blue

Different from dull materials and black color in the past, now Panerai is more willing to use advanced materials and various colors in watch design. Forged carbon and bronze are widely used in case material of Panerai, the dial color also has more striking blue and green. For example, the PAM 688 is the first Panerai watch I saw with a blue dial, before, I only saw Panerai watches with black dial and black band or brown ASSO strap, now the entire watch is in blue color, which is very rare among Panerai collection. The replica here is a V2 edition of PAM 688 which VS factory published, it is 1:1 cloned with a genuine as reference.

Replica Panerai Luminor GMT VSF
Replica Panerai PAM 688
PAM 688 Blue Dial

The case is made of solid 316L stainless steel, it is completely polished on case, bezel and lugs, the brushed crown bridge with lever have the same operation way as genuine. Look at the case side, the outline of cushion-shaped case is very obvious, the edge of case is smoothly polished so that the watch could have a perfect wearing comfort. The case back is see-through crystal, which shows inner machine clearly, the rim of the case back is engraved with detailed material and water resistant information.

PAM 688 Brushed Crown Bridge
PAM 688 Polished Case

Blue dial is the finishing touch of the replica watch. The dial uses a genuine sandwiched structure, skeletonized hour markers are big and there are big arabic numbers “6” and “12”. Four hands, including the small seconds hand at 9 o’clock, have rose gold edge, which highly contrasting with the blue dial background and white stainless steel case. The GMT hand with a triangle tip in rose gold tone turns 12 hours as per genuine, not 24 hours.

PAM 688 Blue Leather Strap

Inside the case, the movement is a super clone P.9001. Coming from the same factory, P.9001 completely inherits all advantages of super clone P.9000 that was independently developed by VSF. Correct position of balance wheel, independently adjustable hour hand, date setting via hour hand, these could be completely achieved on this V2 PAM 688. The one-piece design greatly enhances the accuracy and stability of this super clone P.9001 movement.

PAM 688 Crystal Back

Blue leather band features white hand stitching, the blue band exactly matches the blue dial, if you want the watch to be fitted with a black leather strap, we can ask the factory to do this favor for you. If you are looking for a Panerai watch as your first replica, please consider PAM 688, not only PAM 688 has a simple and elegant appearance like PAM 111 and PAM 127, but it is also very practical due to the GMT function.

PAM 688 Wrist Shot

VS Factory Updated V2 Replica Panerai PAM 438 Luminor GMT Real Ceramic Watch with Super Clone P.9001 Movement

Replica Panerai Luminor GMT

Most Panerai watches use leather band, there are few Panerai models with stainless steel bracelet, not to say the ones like PAM 438 that have ceramic case and bracelet, PAM 438 is the only one in all product lines of Panerai that is made of full ceramic, so it is typical. PAM 438 adopts Panerai in-house P.9001 automatic movement, which has 3-day power reserve, date, gmt, on the movement, there is also a power reserve indicator, you can clearly appreciate the beauty of the movement through the see-through sapphire crystal back. P.9001 has been blackened, this is exact the meaning of “TUTTONERO” on the back.

Replica Panerai Luminor GMT Ceramica

About PAM 438, the best replica is made by VS(former KW), which is a big factory mainly researches and manufactures Panerai replica watches. VS factory appeared in front of us at the end of 2016, but it soon became a leader in replica watch industry due to their highly stable movement. VS overcame many difficulties and finally developed some super clone movements that are hard to be identified as fakes even with a transparent case back. For example, the Super Clone P.9001 on this PAM 438 replica, which is independently produced by VS, has a correct balance wheel position at 7 o’clock, so is genuine P.9001 Caliber. The appearance of VS factory could be said a revolutionary change in replica watch field, it is a major milestone. Besides, VS is still continuously improving the details of PAM 438, until it becomes more perfect.

Replica Panerai PAM 438

If you have been in replica watch industry for years, you will know there are basically four stages that replica PAM 438 has passed through. In the first stage, the best PAM 438 replica uses a Sea-gull movement, which features a balance wheel at 6:00. In the second stage, one factory modified the movement plates on basis of a Shanghai 7750, but the balance wheel position is also wrong. In the third stage, it is the appearance of VS V1, although the clone P.9001 has set the balance wheel at 7 o’clock, it does not have blackened base movement plate, besides, the bearing is also in white stainless steel, not original black. Now, VS released their V2 PAM 438, you can compare the clone movement with genuine P.9001, are you able to find any difference? I have to say, whether in outlook or functions, this Super Clone P.9001 has been 99% the same as original.

Replica Panerai PAM 438 Ceramic Case

After talking a lot about the movement, let us check other details of this Panerai Luminor GMT PAM 438 replica. This big watch has a case diameter in 44mm, it has a weight about 209g, the case is made of real black ceramic and weighs about 129g. The watch is really a big guy. The bracelet is also made of real ceramic, which has a weight about 80g. Like genuine, the ceramic bezel is removable, one you remove the bezel off, you can see one black waterproof ring, this is an important component. Please do not remove any watch part by yourself, if these watch components are not properly installed back, this will affect the waterproof performance of the replica watch.


PAM 438 Black Dial


Black dial uses Panerai’s classic sandwiched structure. Skeletonized hour markers are Arabic numerals, the hands stack is correct. The subdial at 9 o’clock is for display of small seconds, with updated movement, the date and gmt hand could be adjusted like the way you do on a genuine PAM 438. “CERAMICA” printing also describes the material which PAM 438 is made of. There is Superluminova C3 on hour markers and hands, they will emit a super strong green light in dark place.

PAM 438 Case

PAM 438 Crown Bridge

PAM 438 Crown Bridge Close-up

Panerai Cushion-Shaped Case

When I got this PAM 438 on hand, I was surprised by its superior texture, its simulation has reached the top level, in the market, you can hardly find a replica watch like PAM 438 with a see-through case back that is cloned so perfect.

PAM 438 Crystal Back

PAM 438 Case Back Engravings

P.9001 Blackened Movement

Super Clone P.9001 Movement

PAM 438 Clasp

PAM 438 Wrist Shot

KW Factory V2 Replica Panerai PAM 441 Ceramica Super Clone P.9001 Movement Brown ASSO Leather Strap

KW V2 Panerai Luminor GMT Replica

PAM 441 is one of the best-selling Panerai replica watches, it is loved by a lot of watch fans, in genuine watch market, PAM 441 is sold at a sky high price, so a lot of people turn to the help of replica. However, with the development of replica watches industry, the clone of Panerai PAM 441 Ceramica has passed through several stages. The replica Panerai PAM 441 produced in each stage has different quality level. Now, this V2 edition published by KW factory is the best one currently. But its price is also a bit higher than that of other versions, if you read the following article, you will find it is very worth to spend one hundred dollars more to buy a better replica watch.

KW V2 Panerai Luminor GMT PAM 441 Replica

KW factory made one important change on this V2 replica Panerai PAM 441, that’s the movement. Not like PAM 441 replica made before, this one is equipped with a Super Clone P.9001 that is not based on any Chinese movement, it was completely custom made by KW factory that features the same movement plates and decoration as genuine Panerai P.9001 Caliber. Because PAM 441 has a see-through crystal back, the movement must be cloned to be 100% correct so that it could not be esaily identified as a fake, this is a big challenge for KW factory, and fortunately this Super Clone P.9001 has reached a high imitation level. Check movement photo below, the balance wheel is positioned at 7 o’clock, genuine P.9001 also has balance wheel set at 7 o’clock. Compared with previous versions that set balance wheel at 6 or 10 o’clock, this V2 PAM 441 completely solved its movement appearance defect, improved movement stability and accuracy. Besides, every piece of Super Clone P.9001 movement has passed through several tests from production to assembly, its daily error is controled within 8 seconds, you know, for a standard Swiss watch, the movement inaccuracy is within 15 seconds.

KW V2 Panerai Luminor GMT PAM 441 Ceramica Replica

About functions on this V2 replica PAM 441, now its hour hand could be independently adjusted, date could only be adjusted by hour hand, GMT function is real and correct, it is 12-hour, not 24-hour. In a word, with such a brand-new Super Clone P.9001 movement, the functions of the replica are made to be completely the same as genuine. If you need a Panerai replica watch with correct GMT function like genuine, then currently only V2 PAM 441 can fulfill your need.

KW V2 Panerai PAM 441 Ceramic Case

Case is brushed black ceramic, it is 44mm in diameer and 18mm thick. Bezel is also ceramic and removable, you need to screw it back tightly after taking the bezel off. Crystal face uses dome-shaped sapphire, which has a good transparence and reflection. The quality of sapphire crystal used on case back is better. Check each watch part on this replica, they are 1:1 replicated according to genuine watch parts, and could be interchanged.



Sandwiched dial is in black. The bottom plate is fully applied white Superluminova C3, the upper skeleton hour markers will emit green light in the dark, so do the hands. About watch band, it is Panerai’s iconic brown ASSO leather strap, while KW also offers a free black rubber strap for it. The brown ASSO leather band has aging treatment on outside and looks tough, while its leather on back side is soft and feels comfortalbe when being worn on your wrist. The buckle on the band is Pre-V style. Now, this is the end of review about the latest V2 PAM 441 replica Panerai, hope you like it.

KW PAM 441 Ceramic Case

V2 PAM 441 Crown Bridge

V2 PAM 441 Crown Lever

V2 PAM 441 Case Shape

V2 PAM 441 Movement

V2 PAM 441 P.9001

Cal. P.9001

V2 PAM 441 Movement Rotor

V2 PAM 441 Power Reserve Indicator

V2 PAM 441 Case Back Engravings

V2 PAM 441 Pre V Buckle

V2 PAM 441 Wrist Shot