CR Factory Replica Rolex Day-Date 40mm 18K Full Wrapped Yellow Gold with Clone 3255 Movement

CR Factory Replica Rolex Day-Date

Every one is looking for a perfect replica Rolex. There is no 100% perfect replica, each one has their advantage and disadvantage. You need to find the most cost-efficient one that could also last for a long time. In our market, there are a lot of watch manufacturers, each manufacturer is good at replicating different brand watch. For example, Noob makes good quality Rolex Submariner, but they are not the only factory that makes replica Rolex, and Noob is not the factory that makes best replica Rolex. You know what I mean, for some golden Rolex, some other factories are really doing better than Noob. CR is one of these factories. CR is one factory that is very good at manufacturing high quality wrapped gold replica Rolex. Today, I will introduce on golden replica Rolex from CR factory, it is a Day-Date 40 model and in full yellow gold.

Replica Rolex Day-Date 40mm Yellow Gold
Replica Rolex Day-Date Wrapped Gold Watch
Replica Rolex Day-Date 40mm Gold Dial

The Day-Date watch is made of 904L stainless steel, and it has real 18K yellow gold coating. The golden coating is not normally plated, CR factory uses the latest gold-casting technology, so the gold coating will not easily fade, it can last for years. 40mm case can match for almost every wrist size, the case is brushed and has smooth polished lugs with correct engravings on the back. The direction when rotating the crown to adjust time is corrected on this model.

3D Rolex Crown
Rolex Day-Date 40mm Golden Hands
SCOC Dial Printing
Rolex Day-Date Rehaut

Golden dial is covered by a sapphire crystal. The sunburst dial texture looks high quality, if you check the close-up photos of the dial below, you will find that each detail has come to be perfect. Especially these golden rome hour markers, look at check, they not only look three-dimensional, but also each metal stick is delicately made, they have several cutting faces, like the central hour and minute hands.

Rolex Day-Date Crown
Rolex Day-Date Bezel
Crown Logo on Rolex Crown

The president Day-Date bracelet is also made of 904L stainless steel, the yellow gold coating on that bracelet is measured to be 5 mils, which is much thicker than the gold coating on most gold-plated Rolex replica watches. The movement inside is an Asia clone 3255 automatic, which adopts real movement plates and jewels, because of genuine components usage in this 3255, so the movement will not have bad issues like instant stop.

Rolex Case Back Lug Engravings
Rolex Case Back Lug Close-up
Rolex Crown Emblem Logo
Secret Symbol

The replica Rolex will not come with an original Rolex box, you need to buy separately. But we will send it with CR factory’s special leather package. If you want one golden Rolex watch to give your father a gift, this is a good quality one.

Noob Factory Replica Rolex Day-Date 228206 Rose Gold Watch with Green Dial Clone 3255 Movement

Replica Rolex Day Date 40mm Rose Gold

Day-Date is a very important series of Rolex, the watch can not only offer regular time, but also has day and date functions. Together with Datejust, both are best-selling dress watches of Rolex, besides, Day-Date is known as president watch. Like Datejust, the wearer also has many choices in Day-Date, which has a lot of styles in dial, bezel and bracelet. Among all Rolex models, Day-Date and Datejust are the two models that are mostly made of precious metals. If you are a low-key person, you can choose stainless steel Day-Date, if you like golden Rolex, there are yellow gold and rose gold models for you to choose. Today, I want to show you a golden Rolex replica watch that is fully plated with rose gold, the replica Rolex Day-Date is made by Noob factory, besides the shiny rose gold tone, another eye-catching place on the watch lies in its green dial. Noob published this watch two years ago, now this one is the V2 edition they just published in 2019, the golden coating on case and bracelet is much thicker than V1, the movement is also upgraded to Super Clone 3255.

Replica Rolex Day Date 228206
Replica Rolex Day Date Noob Factory
Replica Rolex Day Date Green Dial

The case is measured to be 40mm in diameter, it is only 1mm smaller than Day-Date II. The thickness of the whole watch is only 12mm, although the replica is equipped with an Asia clone 3255, its thickness could be still very close to that of genuine watch. The golden case is made of 316L stainless steel, then Noob added a layer of 18K rose gold on the surface, the golden layer is up to 5 mils. Thick genuine rose gold is applied, this is the reason why this golden Rolex is sold at a more expensive price than others. Fluted bezel is also plated with 18K rose gold.

Replica Rolex Day Date Rose Gold Case
Replica Rolex Day Date 228206 Fluted Bezel

Green dial is very attractive to me. Rome hour markers are three-dimensional and are also in rose gold tone, which is in line with the rose gold case and bracelet. The green color usage on the dial is the finishing touch of the whole rose gold watch. The arched window opened at 12 o’clock is displaying current date, square date window at 3 o’clock has a three-dimensional structure like genuine watch. The date font has a correct magnification times. Central hour and minute hands are exquisite in workmanship, both have multiple cutting sides, so are rome hour markers.

Replica Rolex Day Date Case Back

President bracelet has solid links are made of 316L stainless steel, each piece of links is fully plated with 18K rose gold. The president bracelet is greatly different from Rolex’s Jubilee and Oyster bracelet, president bracelet looks more three-dimensional. The processing on the bracelet is the same as that of genuine watch. The middle section of links are polished, contrasting with the brushed links at both sides.

Replica Rolex 228206 Clasp

Movement is an Asia clone 3255. Noob modified the decoration on auto rotor and movement plates to make the clone 3255 look closer to genuine Rolex 3255. I do not recommend you open the case back to check movement, if you insist, please take it to a local jeweler to open it, then they can install it back properly, so the water resistance will not be affected.

Noob Replica Rolex Day Date 40mm Watch

About the 18K golden watch, the gold coating can last for a long time as long as your watch does not collide with hard objects.

Noob Factory Replica Rolex Day-Date 40mm 228206 Super Clone 3255 Movement Blue Dial

Replica Rolex Day Date White Stainelss Steel Watch

Day-Date 228206 was published in 2016 Basel, it is the Day-Date watch in 40mm. The Rolex 228206 is in a very fresh style, in full stainless steel with blue dial. Day-Date is regarded as president watch, so you can see how high popular the watch is. In my opinion, Day-Date is not as popular as Datejust, I think the day window opened at 12 o’clock is extra, it is very enough for me to know the current date. The window at 12 o’clock has affected the beauty and layout of the whole dial. However, Day-Date is made by great watch master from Rolex, I should not have so much criticism. There are a lot of Rolex replicas of Datejust and Submariner made by AR factory, but currently no replicas of Day-Date are made by this factory, so in our market, there are no Rolex Day-Date replicas made of 904L stainless steel. This replica is made by Noob factory, it was produced according to a genuine watch that is completely dissected.

Replica Rolex Day Date 228206 Blue
Replica Rolex Day Date 228206
Replica Rolex Day Date Blue Dial

The case is made of solid 316L stainless steel, it is 40mm in diameter that is 1:1 dimension against genuine watch. The watch is only 12.5mm thick, which is very close to genuine. The case is brushed with polished lugs, the bezel is round, smooth and polished, it is different from that of Datejust, this bezel looks a little higher and wider. Look at the solid case back, nothing, haha. You can find something interesting on lugs. Yes, they are the mysterious engravings, on the back side of each lug, there is an unique symbol that is engaved, genuine Rolex Day-Date also has these lug engravings, however, you can only find this feature on some high quality replica Rolex.

Replica Rolex Day Date Case
Replica Rolex Day Date Crown

The crystal is updated sapphire with same thickness as genuine. There is an invisible etched crown in crystal at 6 o’clock. Under the sapphire crystal, there is a blue dial, which has special honeycomb patterns. The day window opened at 12 o’clock has a thinner font that that of date displayed at 3 o’clock, this increases the dial readability. All hour markers and hands are in silver tone, with white luminescence filled in the center. The dial lume is super blue, not green.

Replica Rolex Day Date Case Back

The bracelet is also made of solid 316L stainless steel, it is the special president bracelet that consists of three sections of links. The middle section of links are polished, while two sections of links at both sides are brushed. The bracelet connects with the case tightly, you need a special tool to remove the bracelet off, once you take it off, you can find some important features, like the photos display, some iconic serial engravings on case you can only find on genuine Rolex.

Day Date Case Engravings
Day Date Bracelet Engraving

About movement, you need a small balloon to open the case back before seeing it. Noob uses a Chinese automatic movement which we also call Asia ETA 2836 to modify, the auto rotor and movement plates have been decorated to look of genuine Rolex Cal. 3255. I saw Noob watch master opened the back, the decoration, especially those golden engravings, is very beautiful. Like genuine Rolex Cal. 3255, the auto rotor has a golden Rolex Crown logo engraving, the movement plate has golden engravings of “3255” and “GENEVA SWISS”.

Replica Rolex Day Date 228206 Bracelet

Here comes the watch specification.

Movement: Modified Clone 3255 Automatic, Based on Asia ETA 2836, Decorated Rotor and Movement Plates, Correct Golden Engravings, Screw Regulator.
Case: 40mm*12mm, Solid 316L Stainless Steel, Correct Engravings on Lugs and Case End That Connects Bracelet
Bezel: Polished Smooth Round Bezel
Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire with Laser Crown Logo Feature in Crystal at 6:00
Dial: Blue Honeycomb, Stick Hour Markers, Blue Superlume on Markers and Hands, Day and Date Window
Bracelet: Polished and Brushed President Bracelet, Made of 316L Stainless Steel
Water Resistant: 50m

Rolex Day Date 3255
Rolex Day Date Movement Golden Seals
Rolex Day Date Movement
Rolex Day Date 228206 Wrist Shot