VS Factory Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller Single Red 126600 with Super 3235 Movement

Replica Rolex 126600

This Sea-Dweller watch was very popular once being released by Rolex, it seemed like a certain group of Rolex fans were looking for a Rolex diver’s watch in such size, which is a little bigger than Submariner but smaller than the biggest 44mm Sea-Dweller, well, this Sea-Dweller with a reference 126600 exactly met the need of these people, so I guess this is the main reason why it was so popular at that time. In our market, many watch factories were making the replicas of this Sea-Dweller 126600 that is in 43mm, Noob and AR were the best manufacturers, I also reviewed both versions before, however, Noob and AR have been closed for years, but now the best one is made by VS factory, first, the super clone version is only made by VS, no other factories make this watch, second, VS installs the best super clone 3235 automatic movement in the replica. But being compared with Noob version, I do not think VS has better dial details.

Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600
Replica Rolex Single Red Sea-Dweller 126600
Rolex 126600 Single Red Case
Rolex 126600 Single Red Crown

About this replica from VS, all our attention should be paid to its movement, which is 3235, that’s also the biggest selling point of the replica watch, now VS mainly uses 3235 movement in their 41mm Submariner, 41mm Datejust and this Sea-Dweller 43mm 126600. This 3235 movement is cloned by Dandong movement factory in China, I think this is the best clone 3235 movement in China that is closest to genuine Rolex 3235. Before there is a clone 3235 from Shanghai Watch Factory, I opened the case back and compared it with genuine, found there are too many differences. I do not know movements too much, it is too complicated for me, but this clone 3235 movement from Dandong is currently only offered to VS factory in the replica watch industry, and claimed by VS to have a nearly 72-hour power reserve.

Rolex 126600 Single Red Helium Valve
Rolex 126600 Single Red Crown Close-up

About the bezel, we all know the best ceramic bezel used by replica Rolex is made by Clean factory, also called “C” by a lot of clients, especially the green ceramic bezel used in 116610LV, it has the most accurate green color just like genuine watch. On this Sea-Dweller 126600 replica, VS also adopts the black ceramic from Clean, now many watch manufacturers use the ceramic bezels made by Clean on their Rolexs. And the bezel markers have platinum coating, which won’t fade and become grey or dark, the bezel makrers would become black before, but this issue has been solved about one year ago. The bezel has really soft clicks, when you rotating, it is not too tight or too smooth. When you rotate the bezel back to zero, the triangle marker can exactly be aligned with the rehaut’s Rolex crown and the big 12 hour marker on the dial.

Rolex 126600 Single Red Bracelet
Rolex 126600 Single Red Bracelet 1
Rolex 126600 Single Red Buckle
Rolex 126600 Single Red Clasp
Rolex 126600 Single Red Clasp 2

Anyway, this replica was from XF before, VS made improvements in many details and installed a super 3235 movement inside, it should be the best Sea-Dweller Single Red 126600 replica in the world, why hasn’t Clean factory produced this replica watch? They are afraid.

Rolex 126600 Single Red Diver Extension
Rolex 126600 Single Red Wrist Shot
Rolex 126600 Single Red 3235 Movement

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