VS Factory Replica Rolex Submariner 126613LN Two Tone with Super 3235 Movement

126613LN Rolex Replica

In the past ten years, Rolex Submariner must be the best-selling replica watch in our market, I mean among super clones of replicas, Rolex Submariner has the most followers, but if we talk about the entire market including cheap replicas, Submariner also has a position, but not in top 3. There are a lot of big watch factories that manufacture super clones, and their marketing is successful, most people abroad know these factories through the several replica watch forums and reddit, they built the forums many years ago, the so-called Trusted Dealers there are actually the distributors of these factories. Anyway, we do not mind the unspoken rules as long as they continue to supply perfect clones.

Replica Rolex Two Tone Submariner 41mm
Rolex Submariner 126613LN Replica
Rolex Submariner 126613LN Two Tone Replica
Rolex Submariner 126613LN Two Tone VSF

VS has a long and glorious history, it is one of the biggest watch factories in our market, now its business has grown bigger and bigger, they also become more careful to avoid being raided again. The replica watch we are going to review is a 41mm two tone Submariner replica, which was made by VS in 2021, that’s about two years ago, and Clean factory just published this model. A lot of factories have published this replica Submariner, among them, VS is the best, the second is Clean, middle quality is EW.

126613LN Case
126613LN Crown

The 126613LN replica from VS has a big selling point, which is the custom-made 3235 movement, that’s also the reason why VS is able to sell this watch at a very high price, the movement is indeed much better than the clone 3235 movements from other factories. The 3235 from VS has a long power reserve, which is up to 72 hours, that’s really good, but it is claimed by the VS, we do not test. However, if a movement can do 48-hour power reserve in a replica watch, that it has beaten almost 99% of replica watches in our market.

126613LN Case Back

41mm Submariner was more popular than the 40mm version in past years, more people asked me which factory makes the best replicas of 41mm Submariner, I told them VS factory because they have the custom-made 3235 movement, perhaps the movement factory currently only supplies this movement to VS factory, so VS can completely monopolize the market of 41mm Submariner. The case is made with 904L stainless steel and measured to have the same 13mm thickness as genuine.

126613LN Bracelet

About the gold plating on this replica, VS also does a good work, I thought the gold will fade easily in the past, but I am wrong, clients bought golden watches from VS and ZF and told me the gold plating is very good, they have had the watches for two years, the gold still looks nice, not worn or scratched. It is hard to believe this several years ago. VS has increased the thickness of the gold on this replica, each middle link of the bracelet has been wrapped with gold coating, by the way, the gold tone on the case is the same as that of the bracelet.

126613LN Wrist Shot

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