JVS Factory Replica Rolex Daytona Tiffany Blue with 7750 Movement

Replica Rolex Daytona Tiffany

Tiffany blue is one of the themes in recent two years in this industry, both Rolex and Patek Philippe have used this color in their watches, for example, there are Oyster Perpetual models with tiffany blue dial made by Rolex, Patek Philippe also published Nautilus 5711 with tiffany blue dial. However, this Daytona with tiffany blue dial I am going to review today is not made by Rolex, Rolex never unveiled this Daytona before, this watch only exists in the replica watch world, just like the Daytona II published many years ago.

Rolex Daytona Tiffany Blue Replica

This replica Rolex Daytona is made by JVS factory, I do not know too much about this factory, it appeared at the time when VS was closed, the first replica watch they produced is the Submariner 116610LN, now, most of their products are Submariner and Datejust, well, the quality is ok, prices are also much cheaper than the real VS factory.

Rolex Tiffany Daytona Case

This is a replica Daytona with an Asia 7750 movement, not with super clone 4130, now if you want to buy the best Daytona replica, a lot of people will go for the one with super clone 4130 movement, certainly, the price is also much higher, which is even 500 US Dollars higher than the Daytona with common 7750 movement. So, sometimes it is a good idea to get a Daytona with 7750 movement, its price is under your budget, and the quality is also acceptable. TW, ZF and EW are three main factories to make these Daytonas with 7750 movement.

Rolex Tiffany Daytona Crown

Sometimes I think it is unnecessary to spend more than 500 US Dollars on a replica watch, it is a lot of money for most people, although the replica watch at that price point has better finish and details, but it may broken in a short period, and most sellers do not offer you free exchange or free repairing service, that’s a waste of money. So, I think it will be a wiser decision for the beginner to choose a replica watch around 350 USD.

Rolex Tiffany Daytona Buckle

A replica watch absolutely won’t last as long as its genuine watch, it is not true that replica watches with higher prices will last longer than the ones with lower prices. If the seller pick up a good one and do a good quality check before shipping to you, then it is lucky for you to get a good watch. So, in most cases, the most important factor in deciding whether you will buy a replica watch is not its price, but is how carefully the seller will do the quality check and his after-sales service.

Rolex Tiffany Daytona Case Back

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