V9 Factory Replica Cartier Pasha Ladies Watch with 2892 Automatic Movement

Replica Cartier Pasha

Most popular watches replicas here in our market are for men, those watches that have the best quality are also for men, it is a truth that there are few top quality replica watches made for ladies, so, a lot of women would rather a replica watch in big size that is originally designed for men. I only introduce several ladies watches on my blog, but that does not mean you can not find a high quality one in our market. However, in my opinion, your option in choosing a perfect ladies replica watch is limited in two brands, one is Rolex, the other is Cartier, you can find top quality ones in both brands, in Rolex, Datejust 28mm and 36mm are good, while in Cartier, V6 factory makes top quality Ballon Bleu replicas for ladies, G factory makes high quality replicas of Panthere Cartier. Most ladies clients here bought Ballon Bleu and Panthere from me.

Cartier Pasha Black Replica Watch
V9 Cartier Pasha Replica
Cartier Pasha Black Dial

We know V6 factory has the most full collection of Cartier Ballon Bleu replica watches, their Ballon Bleu is really good, Cartier indeed offers a lot of choices for ladies, Santos, Panthere and Ballon Bleu are all good, they also have top replicas in our market. But how about Pasha? In the past, there are no good quality replicas of Cartier Pasha, V9 factory just changed this situation several months before, they brought us some Pasha models that have high quality, fortunately, they do not use quartz movement, but a high grade clone ETA 2892 automatic movement.

Cartier Pasha Case

There are totally four Pasha models V9 factory made this time, black, white, pink and diamond, they all look beautiful, each of them is full of femininity, I like them, I want to buy one for my girlfriend.

Cartier Pasha Crown

How about the quality? It is the best Pasha replica you can find in our market. V9 factory claimed that every watch part on the Pasha could be interchanged with genuine, they also said these Pasha replicas are the so-called “original watches”, which means “Yuandan” in Chinese. The movement hidden inside is a clone 2892, but it can be upgraded to real ETA 2892, this sounds very good.

Cartier Pasha Bracelet
Cartier Pasha Clasp

The Pasha looks so elegant, I like the one with black dial, it is not only a timepiece, it looks more like a jewelry bracelet on your wrist, and the automatic movement injects a new soul into it, the watch is only 35mm, a moderate size that is very suitable for ladies wrist, while it is measured to be 9.5mm in thickness, this is also more acceptable for an automatic watch.

Cartier Pasha Case Back
Cartier Pasha Movement
Cartier Pasha Collection

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