SV Factory Replica SevenFriday P2B/03-W Woody Watch with Miyota 82S7 Movement Brown ASSO Strap

SVF Replica SevenFriday Woody

SevenFriday is a young brand, but in recent years, it has become a fashionista-favorite, I know little about SevenFriday, but from its case back, you can read a lot of useful information. This brand have watches constructed from China, the engine inside is imported from Japan, but SevenFriday is still a Swiss brand, its headquarter is located in Zurich, so the design inspiration of all SevenFriday watches comes from the Switzerland. SevenFriday has three series, the P, the M and the V, they are differentiated by cases and dials. Today, the SevenFriday replica watch I am going to review belongs to the P series, it is made by SV, which is a watch manufacturer in our market that specilizes in making good quality replica SevenFriday watches.

Replica SevenFriday P2B-03
Replica SevenFriday Wood Watch
SevenFriday Wood Watch Dial

SevenFriday watches are large and eye-catching, they are wearable on more wrists because to their lugless case, I mean the case does not have lugs, the straps are directly attached to the case. This replica SevenFriday P2B/03-W is nicknamed as “Woody”, because its pvd black case box is surrounded by wood. This is not the first time for SevenFriday to use wood case on their watch, in 2013, they released the first P3/2 woody watch. The case back is unique, many useful information you can read from it.

SevenFriday Wood Crown
SevenFriday Wood Case

The dial stands out due to its unique texture and even more depth than previous models. Silver hour markers are more raised, the hour hand has an end that is applied with luminescence. Sub-seconds small dial is positioned between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. The 24-hour indicator is two concentric half-scales with a short waved end, I do not know how to read the 24 hour from this indicator. The dial may look complicated for some body, but time-telling is actually standard.

SevenFriday P2B Case Back
SevenFriday PVD Black Clasp 2
SevenFriday PVD Black Clasp

Like genuine, the replica is also equipped with a real Japanese Miyota 82S7 movement, the brown leather strap looks like Panerai’s ASSO band, this brown leather band looks distressed and old, it also has signature. By the way, this replica has an NFC function and mineral crystal like genuine.

SevenFriday Woody Brown Leather Strap
SevenFriday Woody Wrist Shot

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