ZF Daytona

We know ZF is a big factory, they have produced a lot of popular replica watches, such as AP Royal Oak 15400, 15500, Tudor Black Bay, Patek Philippe Aquanaut, Patek Nautilus, all of them have become one of the most iconic products in our market, just several weeks ago, this factory just released their Daytona, means they started to compete with Clean and BT in the field of Daytona. I am very sure ZF will fail again this time just like their Submariner project several years ago. Is ZF Daytona worth buying? No, it is too expensive, with Shanghai 4130 movement inside, their price is not much cheaper than the Daytona from Clean, I won’t choose from ZF, unless they reduce the prices greatly. The video below shows the two Daytonas from ZF. Black and White.

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