BBR Factory Replica Richard Mille RM27-03 Tourbillon Carbon Watch

Replica Richard Mille RM27-03

Today, I want to introduce a Richard Mille replica watch that combines all high techniques, NPNT and tourbillon. Nowadays, there are a lot of factories making high-end replica Richard Mille watches, the early KV and ZF, now several new teams also joined, they are Sonic and T+, both announced they make the best replicas of RM35-01 and RM35-02. How about BBR? They not only make Richard Mille, but also other watches, but almost all of them are tourbillon watches. I remembered that one IWC Big Pilot tourbillon watch made by BBR factory now has a special price, you can consider. I like this Richard Mille replica, it is a Rafael Nadal Special Edition, I like its full black style, the NPNT case makes the watch in light weight, the tourbillon movement makes the watch very accurate.

Richard Mille RM27-03 Black Carbon Replica
Richard Mille RM27-03 Carbon Watch Replica
Richard Mille RM27-03 Skeleton Dial

BBR factory claims that the watch is made with genuine NPNT, which is a new material, genuine watch uses this material, but I doubt the replica uses genuine NPNT, but it is good quality forged carbon, the case, bezel and case back use top quality forged carbon material, you can check its texture, which is greatly different from the carbon used on those cheap watches. Because the entire watch is made with forged carbon, the watch is only about 43.5g in weight, including the band.

Richard Mille RM27-03 Carbon Case
Richard Mille RM27-03 Crown

The dial is unique, first, it is skeleton, second, the ox head design on the center is very eye-catching, the working tourbillon device at 6 o’clock is beautiful, it highlights the entire dial. The replica uses a real tourbillon movement, which is handwinding, you need to wind it every day, about 20 rotations. Because it uses forged carbon and real tourbillon movement, the replica is sold at a very high price, you can not buy it at $500, some people even want to pay $200 for a super clone watch, that’s impossible.

Richard Mille RM27-03 Carbon Case Back

The replica is equipped with a black nylon band, with leather on the back side that contacts your skin, so, it offers a very good wearing comfort but also keepts a cool appearance at the same time. You can also ask your dealer to change a red or yellow nylon band, by the way, the cap on the crown can also be changed easily, this watch has a black cap, you can also order a red or a yellow one to change by yourself.

Richard Mille RM27-03 Black Nylon Band
Richard Mille RM27-03 Wrist Shot

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