JH Factory Replica Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch with Manual Winding Movement

Replica Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch

Seamaster is the best-selling watch in replica watch industry, while there is always a group of watch fans who like Omega Speedmaster because of tis relationship with moon watch. JH, also known as OM, is the first factory that makes high quality Omega Speedmaster replica watches, they made a lot with correct functions, this one is loved by a lot of people who just like the flag pattern on the dial, its three small dials have real functions but have a little different from the genuine.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Flag Dial
Replica Omega Speedmaster Handwind

The replica watch is equipped with a copy Venus 75 manual winding movement, which is also widely used in those replica Rolex Paul Newman Daytona, while on most dealers’ webistes, they said those Daytonas use Venus 75, did not mention it is a clone, this is not accurate, I know this Venus 75 is copied on a basis of Chinese movement, I do not remember whether it is from Sea-gull or Mingzhu. With such a clone movement, one subdial has a false function, the subdial at 6 o’clock is another 12-hour display, it is not a hour chronograph counter. But the other two small dials have correct functions, one at 9 o’clock is small seconds, the other at 3 o’clock is minute chronograph counter.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Flag
Omega Speedmaster Flag Case

The dial has a flag pattern around the edge, I think many people like to buy this watch just because of this flag. The three small dials all adopt a sunken design with white hands. The central second hand will start to move once the chronograph is activated by pushing the button at 2 o’clock. The replica has a real chronograph function and the buttons on the case have the same function as genuine.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Moon Black
Omega Speedmaster Flag Crown

The replica has a 42mm case that is measured to be 15mm in thickness, the case has both brushing and polishing, it has a solid back that has a sculpture in polishing on the brushed background. The case back is screwed down, JH adds a durable gasket to enhance water resistance, inside, it is a copy Venus 75 movement, do not use the chronograph function frequently, and only gives the crown 20 rotations each time when the watch needs to be winded.

Omega Speedmaster Flag Case Back
Omega Speedmaster Flag Bracelet

About Speedmaster replicas, most of them were produced by JH factory and I thought JH makes the best ones, but just a few days ago I noticed another factory named OS also makes replicas of Omega Speedmaster, their quality is also good and prices are a little higher. Well, I did not compare them and I think the quality is very close, now, it is no need to doubt the finish of these super clones, although they still have flaws and not perfect in dial content, but the finish on case and bracelet has no room to blame.

Omega Speedmaster Flag Wrist Shot

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