TW Factory Replica Tudor Black Bay Chrono Panda Watch Review

Replica Tudor Panda

This is not a new model, it was made by TW factory in last year, I did not see this Tudor watch before, recently I found it on a dealer’s wechat moment, the watch looks nice, so I got one from the factory today and share a review here. Before, I heard that only ZF and XF made Tudor watches, and the best replicas of Tudor must come from ZF, while this Tudor may be the only one which TW has made, I do not remember TW has made any other replica Tudor watches, about TW, this factory makes replica watches that cover a lot of brands, most of them are medium quality, which absolutely match their prices.

Replica Tudor Black Bay Chrono
Replica Tudor Black Bay Panda

I do not know if it worths for you to buy a replica Tudor watch from our market, the watches are absolutely in high quality if being made by big factories, however, a genuine Tudor watch is not expensive, so in most times I suggest you save money and buy a genuine Tudor not a replica one. I did not say this replica Tudor from TW not worthy of the money you will spend, it is a good replica and attractive, to choose your first replica, a Rolex or something more expensive is a better choice.

Tudor Panda Wrist Shot

The Tudor Blak Bay is a “Panda” model because of its two “Panda eyes” subdial design, the black color used on small dials and bezel increases elegant temperament to the entire watch. I would not introduce the watch here if it is only a regular Tudor Black Bay model with somewhat diving features, the usage of two small dials highlights the whole watch, I want to buy one.

Tudor Panda Case

On the plastic that wrapping the watch, you can see red letters “904L”, which means the watch is made with 904L stainless steel, but I do not think so. I doubt that TW factory will use real 904L stainless steel in this Tudor and their Rolex replicas watches, many people said that this Tudor actually is made with 316L stainless steel, I choose to believe in this saying. If you want to buy good quality replica Rolex watches and to make sure they are made with 904L stainless steel, please only choose from big factories like AR, GM, VS, Clean.

Tudor Panda Crown

The Tudor Panda has a white dial, with two black small dials like Panda’s eyes. The two subdials have real functions, the one at 9 o’clock is small seconds subdial, the other at 3 o’clock is a 45-minute chronograph counter, both feature a silver small hand. Hour markers, hour hand and minute hand are applied with white luminescence, they will emit a green light in dark conditions, which will be strong and last long. The color use on the dial enhances the readability, when you push the button at 2 o’clock, the central second hand with a red tip will start the chronograph function.

Tudor Panda Bracelet

The movement inside is a common chronograph movement, we all call it Asian 7750, which is the most widly used movement used by replica watches with chronograph function. By the way, this movement in the replica Tudor Panda does not have any Tudor Logo decoration, if you open the case back, only simple “fish-scale” patterns are decorated on movement auto rotor and plates. By the way, to make sure it have a long life, please do not press the chrono buttons too often.

Tudor Panda Buckle
Tudor Panda Case Back

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