DIW Factory Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Oasis Arabic Edition with 3186 Movement

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Oasis

It is close to March, watch factories must be very careful during the whole month of March, you know the special meaning of the day March 15 for them, many watch factories were fined during March in previous years, some were even closed and not opened again, so if you want to get some replica watches, you’d better place order with them before March, or you will have to wait until April. Almost all watch factories will stop accepting orders throughout March.

DIW Rolex GMT-Master II Replica

There are still not new watches published in our market, I need to find some watch which you will be interested in, some watch like this forged carbon GMT-Master II you did not see before. Actually I did not see a carbon Rolex before, almost all Rolex watches are made with stainless steel, the special forged carbon material indeed attracts me. I did not find this watch on Rolex’s official website, but later I know it is a custom-made version from DIW, which Designa Individual, it is a famous custom-made watch brand in Belgium. While this replica watch I am going to review is also made by a factory here named DIW, I am very surprised.

Rolex DIW GMT Crown

The case is fully made with forged carbon, including its bezel, which features golden markers that look like the color of sand in the desert. The carbon material looks special, its unique texture is highly recognizable, like the texture you see on the case, you will know it is carbon immediately when see it. The case has a diameter of 40mm, and measured to be only in 12mm.

Rolex DIW GMT Forged Carbon Case

The replica watch has a high price, first because of its forged carbon material, second, its movement is also one of the most accurate 3186 movement. The clone 3186 through the crystal back has the same functions as real Rolex 3186 Calibre, the decoration on the movement is also beautiful and fine, the golden stamp”3186″ can be clearly seen on the movement plate. I would like the factory to install a solid forged carbon case back on this watch, not a see-through crystal back.

Rolex GMT-Master II DIW 3186 Movement

The dial has an unique design that makes the watch not suitable for everyone, its Arabic hour markers make this watch only acceptable to customers in the Middle East. The dial is not white, the hour markers and hands have the same color as the bezel markers, their tone is like the sand in the desert. On the dial, only the hands are applied with superlumed material.

Rolex DIW GMT Buckle

The watch band is nylon made outside, it looks brown, which is in line with the color of bezel markers and hour markers on the dial. The back side of the band is made with black leather, which feels very soft and is comfortable to wear, while keeping a cool outside at the same time.

This replica Rolex GMT-Master II is an unique timepiece, it also has a very high price, much higher than those regular GMT-Master II watches made by Clean, VR and GS. I am sure a certain group of customers will show their interest in this watch.

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