TT Factory Replica Panerai PAM 1312 Review

When I entered this industry about ten years ago, Panerai is the most popular replica watch in our market, I have to admit Rolex has always been the best seller at any time, but Panerai was the most widely discuessed watch in all watch forums at that time, I remembered, the factory that made the best Panerai replica watches is KW, they used the basic Asian 7750 movement and added extra plates to let the completed movement to look real Panerai Calibre. About four or five years ago, KW changed their name to VS, this marked the beginning of a new era, because VS developed the so-called “in-house” movement, absolutely this “in-house” is not the real “in-house” used by Official Panerai brand. VS factory brought us the super clone P.9000 and other super clone P-series movements, and then the quality of Panerai replica watches was brought to a new level. However, because of the raid, VS factory was closed, now no factories are making automatic Panerai watches.

Some readers always asked me which factory currently makes top quality Panerai replica watches, the automatic ones, I said there is no such a factory, except HW, but this factory only makes some Panerai replica watches with manual winding movement, not automatic. Just two or three days ago, a factory named TT, also called TTF, appeared in our market and published two Paneri watches, PAM 1312 and PAM 1314.

I did not know this factory before, it is my first time to see its name in this industry, old watch manufactorers are more popular and their names have been famous among watch fans all over the world. About the Panerai 1312 replica from TT, I do not know how to say, first, its quality is absolutely not the best, it can not represent the highest watch-making technology, compared it with the replica watches from other big factories like ZF or AR, it should be classified as moderate quality replica, not top replica, but I think it is much better than those replica watches which many people call them AAA, do not trust “A” or “AAA”, no big factories mark their watch grade with this letter. The movement in this PAM 1312 is not a super clone P.9010 movement, it is just a common Asian 7750 movement, so quality of entire watch is downgraded due to the movement, but its price is much cheaper than the PAM 1312 made by VS factory before, and I believe that TTF will update and develop their own super clone Panerai automatic movements.

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TTF PAM 1312

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