OX Factory Replica Hublot Unico Magic Sapphire Transparent Watch with Asia HUB1242 Movement

Replica Hublot Big Bang Sapphire

I know nothing about OX factory, maybe this Hublot sapphire watch is the only work of this factory, however, the Hublot watch surprises me. Before, I saw Hublot watches with skeletonized dial, but I never saw a Hublot in a completely transaprent construction. I thought there is no such a Hublot in genuine watch industry, but when I searched “Hublot Sapphire” on the internet, it indeed exists and has received a lot of praise from their fans, who mostly love sports, especially football.

Replica Hublot Plastic Watch
OX Factory Replica Hublot Plastic
Hublot Sapphire Skeleton Dial

About OX factory, maybe it has been in our market for a long time, maybe it is a new factory, but whatever, for such a transparent watch, it is hard for any watch factories to make it perfect, even OX factory has successfully replicated this Hublot, but I still do not think it is a good replica, it is just a watch that will give your friend a “Wow”, that’s all.

Why did not V6 factory make it? Maybe it is also hard for them to make a good replica of such a Hublot watch. Whatever, it is the first replica watch in our market that is made with plastic, so the watch is very light when wearing it on hand, although it has a big case diameter and thickness that is up to 17mm, maybe you will forget you are wearing a watch. Usually a good replica watch can be 30m water resistant, the factory claims, actually I doubt this. This replica Hublot sapphire watch is made with plastic, so their OX factory said it is only 20m waterproof. Actually I do not think a replica watch can dive to 20m even it is made by the best factory, if you can wear it when swimming and the water does not enter into, you are the lucky boy, you got a really good replica. But it is impossible to wear a replica to dive.

Hublot Plastic Case
Hublot Plastic Crown

For me, this watch looks very cool for its special see-through material and skeletonized dial design. I love to wear it when attending a party with my friends, it always attracted their attention. The skeleton dial also looks amaing, small seconds subdial is positioned at 9 o’clock, it is smaller than the opposite 30-minute chronograph counter at 3 o’clock. You can see date wheel on the dial, there are a lot of gears, hour markers and hands are applied with luminous material, they will offer a strong green light in the dark.

Hublot Plastic Clone Movement
Hublot Unico Movement

OX factory equipped an Asia 7750 movement in this replica, the movement not only offers hours, minutes, small seconds and date, but also provides a full chronograph function. The factory makes some decoration on the movement plates and auto rotor, so it could look closer to genuine HUB1242 movement. Like other Hublot replica watches with chrono function, whether it is made by big V6 factory or others, these Hublot watches all have the same movement issue, that’s the noisy auto rotor. So, in most cases when my blog readers want to buy their first Hublot replica watch, I always recommend the Classic Fusion, not Big Bang Chrono.

Hublot Buckle Engravings
Hublot White Rubber Band

If you are a crazy fan of Hublot, then this plastic Hublot Magic Sapphire watch must be last one that completes your Hublot collection.

Hublot Plastic Black Rubber

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