Noob V5 Edition Replica Omega Planet Ocean 42mm Liquidmetal Swiss ETA 2824-2 with Free Strap

Replica Omega Planet Ocean 1948

In the past, Noob produced five powerful replica watches and almost grasped the whole market. At that time, all replica watches coming from Noob factory were welcomed by watch fans around the world, Noob earned a high reputation at that time, certainly it is also very popular today. Among those five replica watches Noob produced, replica Omega Planet Ocean Liquidmetal is one of the best sellers, this watch was immediately sold out after being firstly introduced to the public, it has been out of stock for a long time after Noob introduced its V3 edition. In 2017, Noob cooperated with another factory and published the V4 edition of Omega Planet Ocean Liquidmetal, but this is not the final version of this watch. Until last month, Noob published the ultimate V5 edition of this replica watch, I think this will be the final edition because every detail looks so perfect, besides, the replica is equipped with a genuine Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement. It seems like Noob wants to take back the lost market share occupied by other manufacturers, with this superior replica, their confidence is very high.

Replica Omega Planet Ocean Liquidmetal

Noob V5 Omega Planet Ocean

Omega Planet Ocean 1948 Black Dial

Omega Planet Ocean is a very low-key but practical watch. 42mm case is made of 316L stainless steel, it is brushed. Check the lugs, they have a great curvature and their sides are perfectly polished. I do not know how Omega made the lugs on this watch, but they indeed look very unique. The crown is positioned on the right of the case, it is big and has an Omega Logo in polished. While at 10 o’clock on the left case side, the Helium Valve button is real, it has the same function as genuine watch. On the case, the most attractive place lies in its bezel, it uses the innovative liquidmetal material on bezel markers, while the bezel insert on the base is real black ceramic. The combination of liquidmetal and ceramic on the bezel makes the watch looks more high-tech. On the case back, the iconic Hippocampus logo relief looks vivid, there are also detailed engravings in black on the rim of the case back.

Omega Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Bezel

Omega Planet Ocean Helium Valve

Compared with V4, V5 has a more transparent sapphire crystal, because its crystal has a double-side AR Coating, so it is more convenient for the wearer to read the time. When you see the dial at different angles, you will see a natural bluish light reflecting from the crystal. Black dial is simple but classy. Noob uses zirconium dioxide on the dial, this material is strong, durable and corrosion resistant, but it is very easy to be scratched by the metal, so be careful when you assemble the watch parts. So the assembly process of this replica watch exactly reflects the high technical level of Noob watch masters. Both hour markers and hands are filled with Swiss Superlume evenly, there is no lume material overflows, the dial lume also looks stronger and more durable. A small date window in suqare shape is set at 3 o’clock, on the left side of 3:00 hour marker, white date font in background, clearly readable.

Omega Logo Silver

Omega Central Hands

Omega CO-AXIAL Printing

The bracelet is also a big selling point. It is made of 316L stainless steel and is fully brushed. Whether in texture, polishing or other details, the bracelet is finished very well. Besides, each section of link connects closely, I mean, the gap between each link is smaller, not that loose on some cheap replicas. The bracelet almost has an original weight. The information on the buckle is deeply and neatly engraved. The clasp has original construction, it features diver’s extension. As a diver’s watch, replica Omega Planet Ocean Liquidmetal has the same quality level as Noob Submariner, besides, the watch is a limited edition model, it is more worth buying. You need to be quick to place your order because Noob factory will release stocks every three months. Whether for daily wearing or collection, the replica is a good choice. The factory also offers one pair of leather straps for free.

Omega Logo on Crown

He Button

Omega Seamaster Pattern

Omega Planet Ocean Case Back Relief

Omega 1948 Limited Edition

Omega Planet Ocean 1948 Dial Lume

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