BBR Factory Replica Roger Dubuis Spider Titanium Tourbillon Watch

Replica Roger Dubuis Spider

It is another Roger Dubuis replica watch with tourbillon movement, I introduced several Roger Dubuis watches on my blog before, they are all good quality, about replica watches with tourbillon movement, maybe the most famous two manufacturers are BBR and JB, especially JB, their tourbillon watches are much more expensive than BBR. Although there are some good replicas of Roger Dubuis watches in our market, they are not selling well because of their low popularity, I did not say their quality is not good, actually the quality is very high, but due to the limited popularity of Roger Dubuis brand, their replicas are not acceptable in our market. However, this Roger Dubuis Spider replica watch made by BBR factory is absolutely a very stunning timepiece.

Replica Roger Dubuis Spider Titanium

The tourbillon watch is 47mm in case diameter, it is a very big watch, much bigger than most sports watches in the market, case is only 14mm thick, such thickness is common for a hand-winding tourbillon watch. The case is made with high grade Titanium, streamlined case sides are also Titanium, just blacked, including four curving lugs, the bezel is also Titanium made, it looks a bit grey, with black engraved markers and triangle notches.

Roger Dubuis Spider Crown
Roger Dubuis Spider Case

Look at the dial, it has a skeleton structure that looks amazing, through the top sapphire crystal, you can see part of the tourbillon movement components, the tourbillon window is big and positioned between 7:00 and 8:00, it is fixed on the dial in three directions to ensure a steady and accurate operation, there is a small hand you can see in that window, it moves smoothly just like a samll seconds hand. Two hands have arrow-shaped tip that has a red frame and white SuperLume filled in the center. The red minutes scales and yellow orange round hour markers highlight the entire dial and also enhance readability.

Roger Dubuis Spider Movement

The replica you see pairs with white rubber band, actually you can require black or red rubber band also. Through the sapphire crystal back that is fixed with screws, you can see extra compoents of the movement. By the way, the tourbillon movement indeed has a power reserve storage, but I do not think it has a long power reserve like genuine watch, actually you need to rotate the crown to get enough power after wearing it for one day, the replica is like this.

Roger Dubuis Spider Bracelet

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